EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT – Calvin Fakkema, Safety Officer / EOC & EM Program Manager

The evacuation map is up-to-date and posted. Assembly area known by staff.

Emergency disaster kit is available with update supplies (Red Disaster Bag)

Disaster call back trees are readily available (Emergency Recall List)

EOP Flipchart is visible for all staff (Emergency Kardex)

Flashlights and batteries are in designated locations with good batteries

Staff Knowledge: Priority phone extensions to report emergencies and request assistance. What in-house extension can you dial to report a serious emergency or request assistance? (3737)

Staff Knowledge: Meaning and response for CODE TRIAGE. What is a CODE TRIAGE? How do you respond to a Code Triage internal or external paged overhead? Code Triage announces a disaster or other serious emergency in our hospital (internal) or in our community (external). Response: report to home department, roll call, review and implement department-specific policy located in Emergency Preparedness Manual, complete Emergency Incident Message Form with department status, send to command center.


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