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PATIENT SAFETY – Margie Martin, Risk Manager & Tricia Heimbigner, Employee Health Manager

  • Area is free of patient slip/fall risks.

  • No patient contact items or paper goods are stored under sinks.

  • Wastebaskets are of fire resistant construction.

  • Patient records properly secured and not left unsupervised on a computer monitor.

  • Crash carts are locked, with updated logged and cylinder is secured properly.

  • Armbands in place.

  • Staff Knowledge: Purpose and use of an Unusual Occurrence Report. What is a Confidential Report of Unusual Occurrence? And give an example of when one might be used in your area? Medical equipment malfunctions and failures, including one involving a patient injury. Medical equipment malfunctions and failures are reported immediately to Bio-Med A red out-of-service tag is completed and placed on the equipment. The equipment is removed from service until approved for re-use by Bio-Med. Incidents in which a patient is possibly or actually harmed; an Unusual Occurrence Report must also be completed and sent to Risk Management.

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