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Interview questions

  • Q1 Did you receive orientation, buddying, and training when you first started?

  • Q1 Comments

  • Q2 Do you have written procedures available to you?

  • Q3 Are expectations for your role clear?

  • Q3 comments

  • Q4 What happens if not all tasks are completed by the end of your shift?

  • Q5 For infection control patients with signage on their doors, do you know how to complete cleaning safely without spreading infection?

  • Q6 During an infection outbreak, such as Gastro, are you included in communication and receive all the support you need?

  • Q7 Is there a protocol for cleaning up blood and body fluids?

  • Q7 explanation

  • Q8 Are issues/problems, incidents and hazards dealt with?

  • Q9 Do you feel comfortable raising issues?

  • Q10 Have you raised any recently and what was the outcome?

Compliance questions

  • Cleaner communicated with patients when entering a room

  • SOPs performed in right order, mechanical clean then chemical disinfection.

  • Frequent touch areas are cleaned often

  • Cleaning chemicals match list, and disinfectant used correctly

  • All intended areas were cleaned, and no areas appear dirty

  • Cleaner follows transmission-based precautions

  • Cleans area in defined zones meeting criteria of policy

  • Area cleaned from high to low

  • Area cleaned from clean to dirty

  • Equipment and solutions are changed between zones.

  • Equipment is cleaned before leaving infectious rooms.

  • Equipment is colour coded.

  • Cleaner has a pager and can be contacted for urgent assistance

  • Chemical safety data sheets are displayed

  • Cleaning equipment is regularly replaced

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