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Physical Environment

  • Are ceiling tiles free of damage?

  • Is the area free of slip, trip, or fall hazards?

  • Are extension cords being used?<br>

  • Are electrical panels (in public access) closed and locked?

  • Are electrical outlets free of damaged?

  • Are appliances clean?

  • Is the area free of exposed electrical wires?

  • Are visitor waiting areas free of damage (chairs, tables, etc)?

  • Are electrical appliances and/or cords located away from water sources?

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Fire Safety & Egress

  • Are fire extinguishers unobstructed?

  • Are pull stations unobstructed?

  • Is the area free from portable heaters?

  • Do fire doors operate correctly?

  • Are sprinklers heads free from damage?

  • Are exit signs illuminated?

  • Are hallways clear of clutter? Allowable carts include: crash, chemo, isolation

  • Do exit doors open in the path of egress?

  • Are evacuation routes accurate?

  • Are stairs free from hazards? (railings secured, moisture free)

  • Are exits free from obstructions?

  • Are storage areas compliant with the 18" rule? (except against walls- can go to ceiling but not within 4" of sprinkler head)

  • Are storage areas accessible and orderly?

  • Are supplies stored off the floor to facilitate cleaning?

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Patient Safety

  • Does medical equipment have an accurate TriMedx sticker?

  • Are oxygen cylinders stored in a clean, dry location, separate from other flammable or combustible chemicals/materials?

  • Are oxygen cylinders transported in a manner to prevent them from falling?

  • Are medical gas shut off valves properly labeled? (label on pipe or behind pipe on wall, not on outside cover or wall)

  • Are medical gas valves accessible?

  • Are sharps containers less than full capacity?

  • Are hazardous containers appropriately labeled?

  • Are hazardous rooms, employee only rooms, etc, labeled so patients or visitors do not enter?

  • Are dirty and clean linens stored properly?

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Team Member Questions

  • Do staff members know how to access MSDS

  • Do staff members know evacuation routes?

  • Do staff members know how to report occupational injuries?

  • Do staff members know how to report adverse events?

  • Do staff members know reporting procedures for broken or malfunctioning equipment?

  • Do staff members know their role during a Code Red?

  • Do staff members know their role during a Code Black?

  • Do staff members know their role during a Code Green and Code Silver?

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