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Weekly Stormwater Inspection

Stormwater Inspection

  • Are any operations byproducts or wastes stored outdoors?

  • Are containers storing byproducts/wastes water tight and covered?

  • Are any construction materials or equipment stored outdoors?

  • Is there the potential for the materials/equipment to be covered in an oily or hazardous materials residue?

  • Are the materials/equipment tarped or otherwise covered adequately?

  • Is there any evidence of operations materials/debris within facility stormwater conveyances?

  • Provide photographic evidence of operations materials/debris in facility stormwater conveyances

  • Any evidence of stressed vegetation or staining in stormwater runoff or stormwater conveyances onsite?

  • Provide photographic evidence of stressed vegetation or staining in stormwater conveyances

  • Are stormwater grates servicing the facility runoff clear of debris?

  • Provide photographic evidence of debris covering stormwater inlets

  • Does the concrete truck drive or parking lot have evidence of a release/staining since the previous inspection?

  • Provide photographic evidence of release/staining

  • Has the facility had an exterior spill/release of hazardous materials since the previous inspection?

  • Provide details regarding exterior spill/release, including date, product/byproduct name, spill/release volume, whether the spill/released made it to a stormwater inlet

  • Identify which entities were notified and the manner of notification

  • Describe response procedures, including any response contractors, governmental agencies involved, manner of spill/release control and cleanup, what wastes were generated and how the wastes were managed

  • Are facility spill response kits fully stocked, in their proper location, and readily available?

  • Attach photos (if any)


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