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Life Safety

  • Fire & smoke doors unobstructed, self close, synchronize, and latch?

  • Fire rated label on door and frame is present and legible?

  • Fire doors free of coverings and decorations (except formal signage)?

  • Doors closed where appropriate and not propped open?

  • Electrical panels in corridors are locked?

  • 18" of unobstructed space below sprinkler heads maintained?

  • EXIT signs working properly?

  • EXIT sign readily visible?

  • No items stored in hallway?

  • Fire extinguisher(s) and pull station(s) unobstructed?

  • Fire extinguisher tags are current?

  • Medical gas valves properly labeled with area served?

  • Notes:


  • No personal items left unsecured?

  • Area is well lit?

  • Door with access card reader is secure and functioning?

  • Access to secured areas labeled and restricted?

  • Photo ID's worn properly?

  • Notes:


  • Eyewash station unobstructed and working properly?

  • No stained ceiling tiles?

  • Doors are not propped open?

  • No slip and fall hazards?

  • Area is dust free (air vents, floors, lights, pictures, sprinkler heads, etc.)

  • Floor/ Carpet is clean and free of debris and stains?

  • Restrooms are clean and stocked?

  • Unapproved RPT's in use or Extension Cords used as permanent Wiring?

  • Gas cylinders are stored properly?

  • Hand rails/ grab bars secure and in good repair?

  • Purell dispensers over or within 6 inches of an ignition source?

  • Waste containers are not overflowing?

  • Cleaning supplies properly stored and labeled?

  • Notes:

Patient Care

  • Crash cart accessible and checked according to policy?

  • Laundry chutes closed and latched?

  • Medications secure, labeled and in date?

  • No Patient Food past expiration date?

  • No intermixed storage of staff and patient nourishment items?

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available?

  • Sharps containers at appropriate fill level and secured?

  • Supplies within acceptable date range?

  • Notes:


  • Parking lot and walkways have no uneven surfaces, pot holes or large cracks; free of debris?

  • Lighted signs and exterior lighting functional?

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