Equipment Commissioning Checklist

Documentation & Requirements

Have all required legislated obligations been completed prior to installation?

Has all required licensing and testing been completed prior to or on installation?

Has all required specialist signage been installed?

Is baseline health surveillance required?

Has it been completed where required?

Is there an English language version of instruction/operating manual available?

Have all modifications been completed and approved by relevant authorities?

Does the equipment NOT create emissions or any other by-product which may impact the environment?

Has Safe Work Procedure (SWP) been completed for the equipment?

Are training, work practice and supervision changes required?

Identify the requirements:

Have all staff who require training in the use of the equipment completed it prior to commissioning?

Are Staff training records completed and properly stored in the database?

Has the contractor company and individual workers completed the contractor induction?

Is a HAZOP required for this equipment? (Do it for high risk/complex equipment)

Has the Pressure Vessel Compliance Checklist been completed?

Are Specific Emergency Plan and relevant procedures/equipment in place?

If required, are health surveillance and testing programs in place?

Are machine guarding and emergency stops in place and working as designed?

Have all electrical wiring and supply issues been resolved?

Have all gas storage and supply issues been resolved?

Have all radiation sources storage, handling, and disposal issues been identified and resolved?

Has a maintenance plan and contract for scheduled maintenance and breakdown been arranged?

Burner/Boiler Commissioning

Is safe site access available and risk assessment completed?

Has a visual inspection been carried out to assess physical damage of components and cases?

Are all items packed in transit removed from combustion chamber?

Has boiler been assembled as per manufacturers instructions, including casing and baffles where appropriate?

Has boiler been pressure tested and certificated?

Are boiler filled with water and isolation valves open?

Is the burner to boiler fixings correct as per manufacturers instructions?

Are water pumps working to provide sufficient circulation/heating load?

Is the burner flame tube insulation sealing correct at appliance body as per manufacturers instructions?

Is there adequate clearance around Boiler and Burner for servicing?

Is the boiler door aligned and sealed correctly?

Is flue installation safe, fitted correctly and sealed to the appliance?

Does the permanent ventilation comply with current installation standards and regulations?

Are appliance electrical wiring checked for safety?

Is the wiring of the burner to appliance correct and according to manufacturers instructions?

Are external controls and interlocks connected and fully operational (BMS, fan flue, flow-switches, dampers, diverter valves, etc.)?

Are boiler thermostats fitted correctly to manufacturers instruction (on/off, high/low, high limit)?

Are modulating burners probes fitted and wired to manufacturers instructions?

Are all safety systems fitted and fully operational (e.g. pressure relief/safety valves etc.)?

Does the gas pipework safely fit and support with correct means of isolation?

Is the gas pipework tested for tightness and purged (certificates and fuel available)?

Is the gas booster or non-appliance specific gas valve safety interlocks connected?

Is the adequate access to the gas meter?

Are oil supply pipe(s) correctly fitted, purged and supported (check inline filter has been fitted)?

Is the oil pump set for the single or two-pipe system as applicable (fuel available)?

Is the rotation of 3 phase motors relative to burner/booster checked?


Additional Comments

All hazards and H&S issues have been identified and control measures have been initiated and/or implemented.

Inspector Name & Signature
Supplier/Installer Name & Signature
Manager/Supervisor Name & Signature
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.