• Proposal received on;

Appointment status;

  • Contract

  • Letter of Appointment, and make sure proposed project duration is within applicant contract term

  • Permanent

i) Literature Review Summary

  • List of reference

  • References cited in text

  • Reference listed are dated and recent

Related research

  • Write up on related research undertaken by PL or other researchers/research groups

iii) Project Schedule- Milestone

  • Milestone begin with "Completion of ..."?

  • 1 research activity telly with 1 milestone?

  • 1 milestone for every 6 months period?

  • Timing of each milestone and research activity is correct?
    Milestone should occur on end of activity period.

iv) Summary of past relevant research project

  • Role of Applicant in the listed project stated?
    Either as a project leader or team member.

v) Benefit of the projects

  • Details provided?

vi) Industrial Collaborator

  • Yes

  • Letter of intent from collaborator?

  • No

  • If possible, please find an industrial collaborator.

Project duration

  • 24 months

  • PL man-months 4.00~5.00

  • Researcher(s) man-month 2.00~3.00

  • RO man-month 24.00

  • 30 months

  • PL man-months 5.00~6.00

  • Researcher(s) man-month 2.50~4.00

  • RO man-month 30.00

  • Use correct term RO/RA
    (different in salary)

  • Max 2 RO/RA?

vii) Direct expenses estimation worksheet

  • V11000
    RO max RM2,500/month (24mth-60K/head, 30mth-75K/head)
    RA max RM1,250/month

  • V21000 max 15k, details provided (no of trips, local or oversea)

  • V24000 details provided

  • V26000 details provided

  • V28000 details provided

  • V29000 details provided

  • V35000 max 40%

  • V35000 justification

  • Allocation max 500K

Panel penilai

  • Penilai 1

  • Penilai 2

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