Title Page

  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Inspected by


  • Housekeeping

  • Vegetation Control

  • Fencing

  • Fencing Condition

  • Total Number of Gates

  • Gates Locked

  • Emergency Exits

  • Emergency Exit Signs

  • No Trespassing Signs

  • Perimeter Pipeline Signs

  • Comments

Signs, Placards, Labels

  • ET Sign with Emergency Number

  • Station Name

  • Hard Hat Required

  • Eye Protection Required

  • Hearing Protection Required

  • FR Clothing Required

  • No Smoking

  • H2S Sign (50 PPM or Higher)

  • Authorized Personnel Only

  • Driving Plan

  • No Cell Phone or Camera Usage

  • Danger High Voltage

  • ARC Flash on High Voltage Panel

  • Voltage Labels on all Electrical Panels

  • Windsock

  • Pigging Procedures

  • Comments


  • Staircases and Catwalks in need of repair

  • Ground System available for trucks

  • Loadline fittings condition satisfactory

  • Loading Procedures

  • Proper Labeling and Identification

  • No Smoking Signs

  • Tanks atleast 100' from fired vessels

  • Confined Space Signs - Permit Required

  • Methanol Tanks properly grounded

  • Comments

Stairways, Catwalks, and Ladders

  • Fixed ladders over 24' equipped with fall arrest

  • Signs posted where harness required

  • Platforms have gates at ladder openings

  • Ladders and platforms in good condition

  • Handrails and Toeboards in place

  • Oil spills near ladders/stairs

  • Portable Ladders in good condition

  • Comments

Fire Prevention / Protection

  • Adequate number of Fire Extinguishers

  • Monthly Inspections Current

  • Annual Inspections Current

  • Hydro Test Dates Current

  • Approved Containers used for flammable/combustable liquids

  • Proper signage for Fire Extinguishers

  • Comments

Final Comments

  • Final Comments

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