Pre flight checks

Set static IP for admin and principal PC's

Disable DHCP on site server

Run IP scanner across old network IP range and identify all printers and non PC devices

Identify all PC devices ( Desktops and laptops ) that are on site with computer co-ordination and or Principal.

Initiate phase 1

Contact Et4l server team to initiate phase 1 of migration

Initiate et4l builds on 64 and 32 bit desktops

Test builds successfully completed

Initiate Phase 2

If yes to successful build then contact Et4l server team to initiate phase 2 build

Commence et4l builds on remaining pcs and laptops

Identify library requirements for dedicated kiosk terminal and setup kiosk if required.

Setup connected classroom computer by contacting support team.

Setup printers

Make reservations in DIP000SN001 table for printers. When setting up printers ensure that one printer at a time is setup in DHCP and print server.

Setup printer in print server located on DIP000SF002. For naming convention follow details in ET4l quick tips. Ensure that both 64 and 32 bit drivers are installed and that the share name is copied inter the printer mapping script.

Allocating reservations for peripheral devices

Make reservations in DIP000SN001 table for peripheral devices using device MAC address.

Post migration

Test printer setups

Check PC build visibility in Universal Desktop Manager

Provide briefing to school staff re the et4l file structure and login requirements.

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