• Subject 主題:

  • PO No 訂單號:

  • Item No 產品料號:

  • Product Description 描述:

  • QC Location 位置:
  • Conducted on 驗貨日期:

  • QC 驗貨人員:

QC Detail - Product Visual Check

  • Product Color Verify (產品顏色)

  • Cable Lenght (線長)

  • Logo Printing & Position Logo (印製及位置)

  • Alcohol Rubbing(酒精耐磨)

Packaging - Please take picture of any defect item - 產品不良請附圖

  • Color Box (彩盒)

  • insert card (彩卡)

  • Plastic Blister (吸塑)

  • Lable (貼紙)

  • Barcode (條碼)

  • Packing product packing in retail box (包裝方式)

QC Detail - Product Functionality Test

Product Functionality test (產品功能測試)

  • Charging Current Test(充电电流测试)

  • Over voltage and over current protection Test(过压过流保护测试)

  • Pairing /Automatic pairing test (蓝牙配对/自动配对測試)

  • Impedance test (阻抗測試)

  • L/R channel test (左右聲道測試)

  • Sensitivity of speaker test (喇叭靈敏度測試)

  • Sensitivity of Mic (麥克風靈敏度測試)

  • Function test with devices connected (實機測試)

  • Connectivity Distance Test (连接距离測試)

  • LED Light Test

  • Product drop test (跌落測試)

  • Internal construction(compare with product spec) - 內部結構

QC Detail - Carton Check

Carton (外箱)

  • Sipping Marks (箱嘜)

  • Net Weight(kg)丶淨重:

  • Gross Weight (kg)丶毛重:

  • Item No (產品料號)

  • PO No (訂單號)

  • Qty (數量)

  • C / No (箱號)

  • Label (外箱貼紙)

  • Export Carton Size(mm) 外箱尺寸:

  • Packing Quality (if fail, pls taking picture and making notes) 裝箱方式:

QC Deatil - Inner carton

Inner carton (內箱)

  • Inner marks (內箱箱嘜)

  • Label (內箱貼紙)

  • Inner Weight (內箱重量)

  • Inner Size(mm) 內箱尺寸:

  • Inner Packing Quality (內箱裝箱方式)

  • Inner Count / Qty (內箱總數)

AQL Standard

  • Lot Size 基數:

  • AQL standard : Non-electronics :

  • Inspiration Quantity 抽檢數量:

  • Max No. Of Defect Allowed :

Inspection Result

  • No.of critical defective found 嚴重不良數:

  • No.of major defective found 一般不良數:

  • No.of minor defective found 輕微不良數:

  • Defective Description 不良説明:

  • Inspection Result 驗貨結論:

  • Remark/Possible defects cause 備註:

  • Inspected by & Signature 驗貨人員簽字:

  • Manufacture Signature 生產簽字:

  • PM Signature 業務簽字:

  • Manager Approval on QC result 經理確認簽字:

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