• Damaged construction wiring Tag out of service, repair, replace or remove
    AS:3012 Clause 3.8.1

  • Are all aerial conductors insulated? Use only insulated aerial conductors
    AS:3012 Clause 2.5.7

  • Are cables identified or marked?
    AS: 3012 Clause 2.5.4
    AS: Clause

    Tag out of service, J Box or remove

  • Are cables at low height mechanically protected? Relocate cabling to safe height (2.5 min)
    AS:3012 Clause 2.5.3. Install jersey barriers to protect any cable coils at low height
    Tunnelling code of practice Clause

  • Are electrical cables separated from water pipes and other services? Support cable separate from water pipe
    AS:3000 Clause &

  • Are cables adequately supported? Support cable properly
    AS:3000 Clause

  • Are cables installed on metallic roofs or similar structures protected? Use armoured cable or mechanically protect cable
    AS:3012 Clause 2.5.5

  • Are perimeter fences free from cables? Support cables some other way
    AS Clause 2.5.2

  • Are cables installed on scaffolding mechanically protected? Protect cables

    AS 3012 Clause 2.5.3 Note (b)

  • Is temporary wiring separated from permanent wiring? Must be separated
    AS:3012 Clause 2.5.2

  • Is there safety systems to prevent collisions with overhead wiring? Instal signage and or height barriers/cateneries
    AS:3012 Clause 2.5.6


  • Is there RCD protection on final sub circuits? Install 30mA RCD in DB where circuit originates
    AS:3012 Clause

  • Are DB doors lockable? Fit locking device
    AS:3012 Clause (e)

  • Are switchboards securely attached? Shall be securely attached except for free standing ones that take into account external forces
    AS:3012 Clause 2.3.3

  • Are wires at cable glands unexposed? Must be in enclosures, either push in and tighten or rewrite if too short

    AS:3000 Clause

  • Are there circuits > 100A per phase not individually switched? Separate circuits onto individual isolators
    AS:3000 Clause

  • Are all DB readily accessible? Remove any obstructions and provide clear access
    AS:3012 clause
    AS:3000 Clause

  • Are all switchboards labelled correctly? Label board to standard
    AS:3012 Clause &

  • Are all circuits labelled at board? Label what CB isolates
    AS:3000 Clause

  • Is EVAC POD hard wired? Install EVAC POD on a fixed wired final sub circuit
    AS:3000 Clause

  • Are all live parts at DB inaccessible? Rectify
    AS:3012 Clause (c)

  • Are socket outlets in DB in good working order? Replace or repair outlet
    AS:3012 Clause 3.8.1

  • Are switchboards with socket outlets fitted with an insulated tie off bar? Install tie off insulated bar
    AS:3012 (d)

  • Is RCD load rating sufficient? Rectify
    AS:3000 Clause

  • Are empty glands and holes covered over? Rectify
    AS:3000 Clause 2.9.7 notes 4

  • Is switchboard door lockable , fitted with a retaining bar, and unable to be removed without the use of a tool? Rectify
    AS:3012 Clause (e)

  • Does the switchboard meet IP 23? Change enclosure or relocate to inside DB
    AS 3012 Clause (a,b)

  • Is there correct circuit breaker size on outgoing circuits? Install correct sized breakers
    AS:3000 Table B1

  • Is RCD testing up to date? Tripping time to be tested and documented
    AS:3012 Clause 3.4.2
    Clause 3.5
    Table 3

  • Is emergency lighting provided adjacent to switchboard? Install emergency light adjacent to DB
    (Where there is no natural light)
    AS:3012 clause 2.7.3

  • Are socket outlets rated at less than 10Amps? Assess the need for 15A outlet, recommend installing
    AS:3012 Clause 2.3.4


  • is there separate circuits for lighting? Install lighting on a separate fixed final sub circuit
    AS:3012 clause 2.1.6

  • Are lamps in luminaires protected from mechanical damage? Install cover/guard
    AS:3012 Clause 2.7.2

  • Do walkways meet 40 lux and general areas meet 160 lux? Install general lighting or task lighting as required
    40 lux walkways
    160 lux general areas
    AS:3012 Clause 2.7.1

  • Is there emergency lighting in stairways or access ways? Install emergency lights as required
    (Where there is no natural light)
    Clause 2.7.3


  • Are leads and equipment in electrical test? Test and tag as required
    Clause 3.6.1

  • Are extension leads mechanically protected? Place leads on insulated hooks
    AS:3012 clause 2.6.9

  • Extension lead 15A socket with 10A plug. Rectify
    AS:3120 Clause 2.13.2


  • Is there documentation on site for Tests to be performed by licenced electrician and results to be documented
    Visual inspection date and checklist
    Continuity of earthing system
    Insulation resistance
    Correct circuit connections
    RCD trip time values
    AS:3012 Clause 3.10 (e)

  • Does the LV rescue kit have a visible test date? Have low voltage rescue equipment inspected and tested
    Electrical safety regulations
    Div 5 Clause 17b (3)

  • Is the transportable structure supply compliant Hard wire structure or install a compliant flexible lead
    (flexible lead not 2.5 or longer than 15m and not on own dedicated circuit
    AS:3012 2.9

  • Is there damaged equipment? Tag out of service, repair or replace
    AS:3012 Clause 3.8.2

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