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Shock absorber lanyard

  • Serial number

  • Model

  • MFG Date

  • Type of lanyard

  • Brand


  • Label

  • Serial number

  • MFG date older than 5 or 10 years

  • Unit Standard

  • Company details

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  • Stitching safe?

  • Stitching coming loose

  • Missing

  • Apart

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  • Is the Webbing safe?

  • Cuts

  • Abrasions

  • Discoloration ( paint, tipex, marker)

  • Burns

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Metals parts

  • Is the metal components safe?

  • Corrosion (rust)

  • Missing

  • Bend

  • Functionality of the component

  • Cracks

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  • Shock absorber

  • Deployed

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Safe for use

  • Is the product safe for use

  • Last 3 months inspection history provided?

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  • Evolution Height Safety does not take any liability or responsibility for any product that is being miss used in any format.
    Only use the product is intended and designed for.
    Please read the user manual.
    Only competent person allowed to use this product.
    Personal inspection must be done by the user before and after use!
    Results of the equipment is based on the last 3 months inspection information given of the product's history.

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