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Have all employees got utility Id cards on them?


Operators EWP manual on Vehicle

Wash Log Book available & up to date

EWP Pre-Op Inspections carried out & entered into logbook

SWMS/JSA on vehicle and sighted by auditor

HAC (JSA) signed and understood by all crew members & sighted by auditor

Hazards particular to site have been identified and effective controls implemented

EWP < 10 years old or rebuilt, evidence on vehicle

Electrical test certificate < 6 months old (sighted), note Test Date, add image if possible.

Weight test certificate < 12 months (sighted), note test date, add image if possible

monthly, 3 monthly and 6 monthly inspections carried out (sighted)

Vehicle registration current

View operators licenses. image


First Aid Kit (Check Contents via contents list) (1 required)

First Aid sticker outside vehicle

Earth Chain fitted (1 metre on ground)

Flashing light on elbow (optional)

Flashing lights (optional) directional arrow fitted.

Wheel chocks (2 required)

Stabiliser Pads (1 per leg)

EWP lanyards (including Shock absorber. AS labeled (2)

EWP Harness (AS labeled) (2 required)

Traffic Managment

Symbolic Worker Ahead (digger man) (900x600) (2 required)

Prepare to stop signs (900x600) (2 required)

Chevron (direction arrow) (2 required)

Stands for signs (4 required)

Stop/Slow bats (2 required)

Witches Hats (12 required)


Level indicators to be fitted (2 required)

Duplicate controls to be fitted (basket & turret)

Controls to be clearly marked (basket & turret)

Dead man to be fitted

Emergency stop to be fitted

CDD's fitted (2 required)

Anchorage points for harness in basket

SWL clearly marked on basket

Means of emergency escape required

Herbicide / Dangerous Substances

Herbicide stored securely (dispenser/refill)

Water container with water

Spill Kits available

All chemicals and containers appropriately labeled

All relevant MSDS located on vehicle

Fire Season Equipment

Knapsack (1 required)

Rake / Hoe (1 required)

Safe Use of EWP

Min 2 employees to be trained and authorised

Keep uninsulated bottom boom of EPV clear of LV

Regularly inspect for "dead man" operation

Safety harness worn and attached

CCD is ready for use

EWP set up - Park Brake

EWP set up - Stabilizers

EWP set up - Earth Chain Lowered

EWP set up - Wheel Chocks on slopped terrain

SAFETY OBSERVER posted and > 6m from EWP when near live apparatus

Observer within a position where communication with the cutter is effective, whistle on site and available at all times

Drop Zone controlled & no unauthorized persons entered the work place

EWP setup working to the TMP & maintaining safe operating distance of 600mm as per Plan

PPE and Clothing

Non Conductive Shirt, Jumpers and Coats worn and in good repair

Ear protection worn

Eye Protection worn

LV Gloves available and in suitable containers

Hard Hat worn and Issue date clearly shown.

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.