J1.14/5 Lab audit master

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General OHS

Is the mop head in good condition? (If not, please replace.)

Does the area contain spray and wipe, jif, a sponge, scourer, mop, bucket, broom and dustpan?

Is there adequate storage space?

Is the hazard register for this space current?

Is there signage visible, directing staff to the nearest defibrillator?

Is the area tidy?

Are pathways, floor areas and doors free of obstruction?

Are light levels in the lab adequate?

Is the lab free of odors?

Is the level of noise acceptable?

Is there a spare mop head present in the lab? (If not please make a note to purchase if necessary.)

Emergency procedures & First Aid

Is there a current copy of the laboratory safety procedures manual present in the area?

Are staff aware of relevant procedures - eg- evacuation?

Are current emergency names and contact numbers displayed?

Is there a fire extinguisher accessible?

Have the fire extinguisher/s been serviced within the last six months?

Does evacuation signage contain fire warden information?

Is signage displayed that directs staff to the first aid kit?

Electrical Equipment

Are double adaptors or doubled power boards being used?

Ar power boards mounted off benches or floor?

Is all electrical equipment tagged in date?

Is the area protected with an RCD?

Is training conducted for all hazardous equipment users?

Does hazardous equipment have simple SOP's available at point of use?

Are tag out systems available for malfunctioning/out of service equipment?

Manual Handling

Are frequently used items easily accessible?

Are heavy items stored above know and below shoulder height?

Is a suitable ladder/platform available for utilisation when needed?

Have risk assessments been done for manual handling where relevant?

Do pieces of equipment display caution due to their manual handling risks? (Eg- two person lift)

Has there been a manual handling incident since the last inspection?

If so, has the task been reassessed?

Personal Protective Equipment

Is PPE provided where necessary?

Is it correctly stored and maintained?

Are lab occupiers wearing approved clothing?

Waste Disposal

Are staff familiar with disposal procedures for biological waste? note person asked and question.

Is there ample waste stream provision for each working area?

Are waste streams correctly labelled where relevant?

Is waste removed as required? (i.e. are bins not overfull?)

Is waste segregation well managed?

Are biological waste bins labelled with Bio-hazard warning label?

Biological and Chemical safety

Are space users trained in bio-hazard techniques, including spills?

Are appropriate hygiene rules followed?

Does the area have the correct spill kits for use as required?

Check that the spill kit contains tissues, gloves, absorbent spill bag/granules, disposable apron and eyewear

Are Virkon tablets in kit in date? If not, note and replace.

Are work spaces looking hygienically clean for work? List areas of non-compliance

Is there a networked computer available that can provide access to the chemwatch database?

Is there signage within the area displaying the chemwatch database web address?

Are all chemical containers labeled with name and hazard diamonds?

Are chemicals for the space appropriately segregated?

Are gas cylinders in use correctly secured?

First aid kit check

1x First aid booklet

1 x Logikal Resus-O-Mask (Disposable)

1 x Rapaid Antiseptic Spray

10x safety pins

1x box of band aids (50)

1x roll of 7.5mm dressing strip ~9m

1x roll of 1.25cm tape ~9m

1 x Pair of scissors sterilized in autoclave bag with sterilization date and operator noted on bag.

1 x Pair of forceps sterilized in autoclave bag with sterilization date and operator noted on bag.

1 x Small wound dressing No. 13

1 x Small wound dressing No. 15

2 x Triangular Bandages

4 x Gauze swabs (3 per packet)

2 x Conforming Gauze Bandages (2.5cm)

2 x Conforming Gauze Bandages (5.0cm)

2 x Melolite Dressing (7.5cm×5cm)

2 x Melolite Dressing (7.5cm×10cm)

1 x Crepe Bandage (2.5cm)

1 x Crepe Bandage (5cm)

1 x eye module (within expiry date)

5 x Pairs disposable latex gloves

2 x Instant Ice Packs (Disposable)

Are there any medicines such as headache preparations? (these should be removed if found)

Comments, notes and recommendations from audit

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.