Experience Shop Visit


Shop Visit

Colleagues demonstrate explicit service standards delivering engaging, knowledgeable, and friendly service, interacting with customers at every opportunity. Guidelines: Refer to the 5 point action plan - Were you acknowledged within 30 seconds of entering the shop, are other customers acknowledged in the same time frame - Is there a colleague in the customer area where business levels allow? - Are customers being offered hot drinks or is there evidence that drinks have been consumed (empty cups)? Is there evidence of customers being offered hot drinks within 2 minutes? - Is clear eye contact being made when customers are served? - Is there evidence that pleasant farewells are being made when customers leave the counter/shop?

The shop standards are in line with our explicit retail standards and the shop is presented in a professional and consistent manner. There is evidence that the shop walk has been completed. Guidelines: - Signage is clean, free of visible marks and in working order if illuminated. - Shop front is clear of litter, the shop frame and windows are clean - External Marketing is current, correct and not damaged - Customer Area is free from litter, all dispensers are fully stocked and furniture and fittings are fit for purpose. - Zones are clearly defined, papers are straight, displayed correctly and internal marketing is correct as per virtual shop, marketing and LES. - Vending Area is cleaned and well stocked - Toilets are clean and well stocked - Counter Area is free from clutter - Staff are in company uniform

Team focused on the customer experience ensuring all appliances, fittings and offerings are available and in full working order. Guidelines - TV’s are on and in good working order with no visible faults to colour or alignment - The screen display is as per the broadcast with the correct channels showing - SKY TV is available and correct channel is displayed - Wi-Fi is on and in good working order, current password is clearly available - SSBT/Machines are on and in good working order - Furniture is available for customers, in good condition - Audio is at an acceptable level

Colleagues have a level of knowledge applicable to their grade for all sport, products and betting opportunities available. Guidelines - Check that colleagues have completed the relevant Ladbrokes Experience Modules - Colleagues can talk about any feature horse meeting. race, football match or sporting event relevant to that day or coming up. - The main offers/concessions, bonuses of the day are known and being promoted - Colleagues can demonstrate confidently on the SSBT’s and Machines and relay benefits of terminal features or games.

Colleagues demonstrate social responsibility in relation to positive interaction, complying with the ABB code, and are serious about compliance. Guidelines - Colleagues are able to demonstrate an understanding of identifying behavioural indicators. - Colleagues can demonstrate their knowledge and confidence in dealing with anti social behaviour and dealing with it at an early stage - Colleague can demonstrate how to set a voluntary limit on the machine - BS2000 machine logs are actioned immediately and have actions for each instance - Alert logs are correctly filled in with customer name and match BS2000 log - Interaction log is to hand and evidence that it is used where needed, colleagues can explain how and when to interact with a customer about their gambling - Colleagues can correctly explain the self exclusion process to you and show they can correctly complete the forms.

Colleagues show an understanding of the business and local area, demonstrating competitiveness. Guidelines - Ask colleagues to talk you through the current shop performance - Are the team aware of their most popular products - Can the team navigate LRS - Are the team aware of the competitors and have an understanding of how they will win the local market share - Has the market share figure been completed on BS2000

Colleagues up to date on communication, training and development within the business. Guidelines - Have staff been briefed on the most recent monthly cycle from their MPM, or if MPM is present, from their AM, what were the main points? - Is there evidence that What’s Happening has been read for the latest week. - Are CBT’s up to date, is Get Set up to date if applicable - Check the Retail Performance booklets and check for completion of review scores - Has the employee got a current PDP within their booklet