• Site conducted

  • Facility

  • Facility Address
  • Date

  • Inspector

  • Accompanied by

Emergency Exits/Exit Corridors/Stairwells

  • Emergency Exit Maps Posted

  • Emergency Exit Signs Present and Illuminated

  • All Exits Unobstructed

  • All Pull Stations Clearly Marked and Unobstructed

  • All Aisles/Corridors Unobstructed to Allow Evacuation

  • Are Stairs Free of Litter or Spills

  • Is Stairwell(s) Adequately Lit

  • Signs in Stairwell(s) Posted and Legible

Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire Extinguishers Clearly Marked and Unobstructed

  • Fire Extinguishers Charged, Inspected, and Tagged

Walking Surfaces

  • Is Carpet Maintained and Free of Trip Hazards

  • Interior Walkways Free of Trip Hazards

  • Exterior Walkways Free of Trip Hazards

  • Handrails, Treads, and Risers in Good Condition

  • Signs Posted to "Use Handrails" or "Watch Your Step"

Electrical Hazards

  • Grounds in Place on All Electrical Equipment

  • All Breakers Marked

  • Breaker Boxes Accessible

  • Covers on Breaker Boxes

  • J-Box's Covered in Good Condition

  • Electrical Cords in Good Condition

  • Signs Posted for Electrical Hazards

Chemical/Fire Hazards

  • All Chemical Containers Labeled

  • SDS Available for All Employees

  • Flammables Stored Away from Ignition Sources

  • Eye Station(s) in Working Condition

  • First Aid Kit Available on Premises

  • Compressed Gas Cylinders Restrained Outside

  • Signs Posted for Chemical or Fire Hazards

  • Are Employees Trained Annually in Hazardous Communication

Hand Tools and Powered Equipment

  • All Hand Tools in Good Condition

  • All Power Tools in Good Condition

  • All Guards Present on Powered Equipment

  • Signs Posted Reminding Employees to Use PPE

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