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  • 1. Are walkways, sidewalks and parking areas free from potholes, depressions, displacements, cracks or other trip hazards, including displacements greater than ½ inch?

  • 2. Are holes or displacements in the walkways, sidewalks or parking areas repaired, covered or otherwise made safe?

  • 3. Are grates or similar covers over floor openings, such as floor drains, designed that foot traffic or rolling equipment will not be affected by the grate spacing?

  • 4. Are walkways, sidewalks and parking areas free of standing oil or unintended wet surfaces?

  • 5. Are steps on stairs and walkways designed and maintained with slip-resistant surfaces?

  • 6. Are handrails in place and properly secured?

  • 7. Are guardrails provided where surfaces are elevated more than 30 inches above any adjacent level or ground?

  • 8. Are walkways, sidewalks and parking areas adequately illuminated?

  • 9. Are all concrete tire stops free from protruding metal anchor rods?

  • 10. Were any other hazards observed?

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