General Information

  • Date established

  • Total annual sales

  • No. of Employees

  • No. of Quality Control Employees

  • No. of Operators

  • No. of Machines

Quality Control

  • Does the supplier has a quality system?

  • Opinion about the factory'a ability to deliver quality products consistently

  • Does the factory communicate requirements to its suppliers on its POs (or other documents)? Are these requirements clearly listed?

  • Are incoming QC results recorded in a formal report?

  • Are conform samples available to workers in production and QC areas?

  • Are clear procedures given to each operator and to the QC staff, for each job?

  • Does final QC occur before or after packing is completed?

  • Are there QC staff solely dedicated to final QC? How many? Do they only do QC, or also a finishing operation at the same time?

  • Are final QC results recorded in a formal report?

  • Is the first-pass yield displayed on a wall, and tracked day-by-day and line-by-line?

  • Are numbers and details of customer complaints displayed on a wall?

Cost Control

  • Are top managers (general manager, production manager, finance manager, sales manager, QC manager) part of the owner’s family? Or are they professional managers?

  • Are there several empty floors?

  • Can you see recent investments in expensive machinery?

  • Are there idle machines?


  • Is equipment failure down time calculated?

  • Are there checklists for maintenance? Do they seem to be followed?

Visual Control

  • Is the number of pieces per labor hour displayed on a wall, and tracked day-by-day?

  • Is the amount of scrapped material displayed on a wall, and tracked day-by-day?

  • Is the total unit cost displayed on a wall, and tracked day-by-day?

Degree of "Lean-ness"

  • Can you see a lot of inventory kept before production and kept between each production step?


  • Before a new product is launched, are some jigs/tools prepared by the engineering department?

  • Is pre-production inventory well organized?

  • Is work-in-process inventory stored in a predictable way, or do people need to look around to find what they need?

  • Where do the components used in production come from? How long does transportation take?

  • Is production organized as a continuous flow, without any work-in-process inventory visible in the workshop? (best)

  • Is there a kanban system? (very good)

  • Is there a production planning, with details for each workshop, and updated every day? (good)

  • Is there no production planning at all? (worst)

  • Is there a list of approved subcontractors, who can take over part of the job? For which process steps?

  • Is there a power generator?

  • Is equipment failure downtime calculated?

  • Are there checklists for maintenance? Do they seem to be followed?

  • Is the proportion of on-time shipments displayed on a wall, and updated at least weekly?

  • Is the time to make one piece, from start to finish, displayed on a wall, and updated daily?

  • Can you see a lot of inventory between each production step?


  • Are there enough fire extinguishers (in workshops, dormitories)? Are they accessible, and up to date?

  • Are there enough emergency exits? Is it possible to lock them? Are they used as storage areas?

  • Do workers have appropriate personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, glasses, safety boots)?

  • Are there enough first-aid kits? Are they available and full?

  • Does production generate a lot of waste? Is this waste treated?

  • Has the factory invested in energy-efficient equipment?

Summary of Findings

  • General organization in the factory

  • Working environment (light, noise..)

  • Motivation of top management

  • Ease of mutual understanding

  • Can they make our product?

  • Do they have enough capacity?

  • Do they already sell to our country?

  • Do they understand our standards?


  • Full Name and Signature of Inspector/QC Manager

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