Tree Species

Asset Number

Date tree planted

Tree guard in place?

Has a tree at this site failed to establish previously?

How many trees have failed in this position, not including the current tree? (CAMS)

Please take a photograph of the tree.
How has failing/failed tree been identified?

Tree Health

Is tree alive or dead?

What health issues exist? (Symptoms)

If Other, please specify

Pest and Disease

Is there any evidence of pest or disease?

What is present?


Location and environmental factors

Are there any factors that exist on site which could contribute to tree failure?

What factors are present on site?

What other factors are present?


Use auger to investigate corner of tree pit.

Add photo/s of test sites

Soil Moisture - Test site 1

Soil Type - Test site 1
pH - Test site 1

Soil Moisture - Test site 2

Soil Type - Test site 2
pH - Test site 2

Soil Moisture - Test site 3

Soil Type - Test site 3
pH - Test site 3

Soil Moisture - Test site 4

Soil Type - Test site 4
pH - Test site 4

Tree Stability and Root Structure

Perform gentle rocking test

Is the tree socketing?

Are there signs of girdling roots?

Does tree require removal?

Remove tree and excavate root ball.

Drainage description under rootball

Are there any soil issues under the rootball?

Shake/Wash off root ball and inspect for defects

Does the tree have a well structured root system?

What defects were found?
Please take photographs of root ball.

Review of Maintenance Records (CAMS)

Has the tree received all Young Tree Maintenance visits? (Attach CAMS record to this report)

How many visits were missed?

Explain why visits were missed.

Has the tree been watered regularly? (Attach CAMS record to this report)

How many visits were missed?

Explain why visits were missed.


Was the tree stock of acceptable quality?

Was the tree planted correctly?

Were the soil conditions acceptable?

Is there adequate drainage?


Has Active Tree Services acted reasonably, to ensure tree survival, in this case?

Is it reasonable to approach the City for financial contribution?


Are there any learning points to consider?

Please explain

Are there any procedural changes which need to be considered?

Please explain

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