• Tree Species

  • Asset Number

  • Date tree planted

  • Tree guard in place?

  • Has a tree at this site failed to establish previously?

  • How many trees have failed in this position, not including the current tree? (CAMS)

  • Please take a photograph of the tree.

  • How has failing/failed tree been identified?

Tree Health

  • Is tree alive or dead?

  • What health issues exist? (Symptoms)

  • If Other, please specify

Pest and Disease

  • Is there any evidence of pest or disease?

  • What is present?

  • Describe:

Location and environmental factors

  • Are there any factors that exist on site which could contribute to tree failure?

  • What factors are present on site?

  • What other factors are present?


  • Use auger to investigate corner of tree pit.

  • Add photo/s of test sites

  • Soil Moisture - Test site 1

  • Soil Type - Test site 1

  • pH - Test site 1

  • Soil Moisture - Test site 2

  • Soil Type - Test site 2

  • pH - Test site 2

  • Soil Moisture - Test site 3

  • Soil Type - Test site 3

  • pH - Test site 3

  • Soil Moisture - Test site 4

  • Soil Type - Test site 4

  • pH - Test site 4

Tree Stability and Root Structure

  • Perform gentle rocking test

  • Is the tree socketing?

  • Are there signs of girdling roots?

  • Does tree require removal?

  • Remove tree and excavate root ball.

  • Drainage description under rootball

  • Are there any soil issues under the rootball?

  • Shake/Wash off root ball and inspect for defects

  • Does the tree have a well structured root system?

  • What defects were found?

  • Please take photographs of root ball.

Review of Maintenance Records (CAMS)

  • Has the tree received all Young Tree Maintenance visits? (Attach CAMS record to this report)

  • How many visits were missed?

  • Explain why visits were missed.

  • Has the tree been watered regularly? (Attach CAMS record to this report)

  • How many visits were missed?

  • Explain why visits were missed.


  • Was the tree stock of acceptable quality?

  • Was the tree planted correctly?

  • Were the soil conditions acceptable?

  • Is there adequate drainage?


  • Has Active Tree Services acted reasonably, to ensure tree survival, in this case?

  • Is it reasonable to approach the City for financial contribution?


  • Are there any learning points to consider?

  • Please explain

  • Are there any procedural changes which need to be considered?

  • Please explain

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