Inspection done by:

Structure and Building 1

Weekly Inspection

Are all buildings free from damage

Are buildings and structures clean and in a good state of repair. (No rust or leaking)

Are all windows in good condition (No broken or cracked glass panes)

Correct safety on doors - Cold Rooms - Kitchen

No Tripping hazards – HC – KITCH – CLUB HSE

Correct signage used when cleaning - Cleaning Co

Pool Gates self locking working/access control working

Pool pump room secured

Floors and Surfaces 2

Weekly Inspection

Are floors slippery

Are there tripping hazards

Are all floors in goods condition

Floor Demarcation – KITCHEN

Check Uneven Paving – MAINT

Paving heights where dangerous – Paint white – MAINT

Ventilation 3

Weekly Inspection

Is the artificial ventiliation adequate

Are fans and extractors working and serviced regularly

Is the natural ventilation adequate

Is the ventilation free from excessive mist, dust, fumes and smoke

Air Conditioning Correct and Working HC – CLUB HSE

Lighting 4

Weekly Inspection

Is the natural or artificial lighting adequate

Is the lighting free from glare, shadows or contrast

Lighting Report any out of lines – HC – KITCHEN – CLUB HSE

Emergency Exit Lighting – HC – KITCHEN – CLUB HSE

Health and Hygiene Facilities 5

Weekly Inspection

Are the toilets hygienic

Are alll ward kitchens hygienic

Are all staff rooms hygienic

Are all sluice rooms hygienic

Are health facilities in order

Sharp Bins - In place and services regulary

Concept Bins - In place and serviced regulary

Waste Bins - In place and serviced regulary

Stacking and Storage 6

Weekly Inspection

All stacking is done correctly, maximum height is equal to 3 x smallest base

Stacking is secured well and safely to prevent tumbling

No unsafe or hazardous stacks

Passages are free from obstructions

Store-rooms are kept neat and clean and free from clutter

Housekeeping in Gardens/Courtyards 7

Weekly Inspection

Gardens/courtyards in good condition

Grass and weeds controlled

Paved areas level

Grass areas level

Drains free from blockages

No leaking taps or hose pipes

Roads clear of plant growth/weeds – MAINT

Road Signs in good order – MAINT

Highlight and concerns re traffic in the Village – MAINT – SECURITY

Fat Trap cleaned – Register completed KITCHENq

Correct food safety – hairnets and gloves – KITCHEN

Equipment stored correctly HC – KITCHEN – MAINT

Condition Refuse Room – MAINT

Condition garden refuse area – MAINT

Housekeeping - HC - Kitchen

Toilets Clean - HC - KITCHEN - CLUB HSE

Polycars for Cleaning 8

Weekly Inspection

Polycars used are labelled and used in correct zoning areas

Polycars clean and left in hygienic state after use

Polycars not in use stored correctly

Earth Leakage 9

Weekly Inspection

Electric Boards checked by Electrician

Electric Boards Labelled HC – KITCHEN – CLUB HSE

Report any out of lines with Electric Boards

Check HC Rooms overloading of plugs

Electric power boxes locked HC

Ladders and Stairs 10

Weekly Inspection

Free from damage/defects

Ladders numbered on a Register

Ladders Inspected monthly

Lifting Machinery 11

Daily Inspection

Free from damage/defects

Numbered and on register

Serviced annually

Electrical Installation and Equipment 12

Monthly Inspection

Equipment free from damage/defects

Gym Equipment - Plugged in and in working order

All equipment numbered and on register

Equipment is marked and legible

Wiring is safe and free from makeshift connections

Flexible cord/cables are not routed along walls or ceiling

There are no defective lights present

Light covers are in place

Mechanical and Equipment (tools, handtools, ladders, lifting equipment, etc) 13

Weekly Inspection

Equipment clearly marked and legible on a register

All moving parts within "normal" reach are guarded or enlcosed

There is no vibrating machinery or equipment in the vicinity

Personal Protective Clothing 14

Weekly Inspection

Employees wear appropraite PPE

Personal Clothing not worn over PPE

PPE is free from dust and stored away when not in usea

Safety Equipment – Goggles – Masks – Gloves available – MAINT

Fire Fighting Equipment 15

Weekly Inspection

Equipment is marked and legible

Equipment is not obstructed

Equipment seals are in place to prevent unauthorised use

Symbolic signs are displayed to indicate type of equipment

Keep Clear - demarcated signage is displayed where required

Areas are free from rags and combustible material

Fire Equipment Serviced HC – KITCHEN – CLUB HSE

All Staff Aware of Gathering Points

Fire – Emergency Call Out Team list available

Fire Emergency Plans in place – HC & CLUB HSE

Check Evacuation plans on walls

First Aid Box equipped and in place – OFFICE

Updated Residents list in place – OFFICE

Check Fire Hydrants – MAINT

Test PA System

All fire panel activations documented HC

Loud Haler working – check batteries HC

Torches working – charged HC

Waist Coats available – emergency box HC

Emergency phone list available HC – OFFICE

Flammable materials – safety checked ALL

Fire panel working HC

Updated patient list HC

Fire doors in working order HC

Evacuation wheel chairs in place at night HC

Monthly Inspection

Number of new staff who require safety training

Plan Training as above

Fire Hydrant plan available – SECURITY

Copies of Fire Hydrant plan on hand for Fire Dept -

Check Fire Hydrants – MAINT

Chemical Storage 16

Weekly Inspection

Adequate storage facilities

Chemicals not expired HC – KITCHEN – CLEANING CO – MAINT

Chemicals adequately labelled - HC - KITCHEN - CLEAN CO - MAINT


Paint Storage correct – MAINT

Monthly Inspection

Material safety data sheets relevant to products used

Chemicals not expired

Falls, Accidents & Incident Recording 17


Formal reports submitted and signed off by management

All reports individually investigated

All remedial action


All Falls – Accidents – Incidents recorded

All Falls – Accidents – Incidents investigated

All Falls – Accidents – Incidents signed off my Management

All Falls – Accidents – Incidents Remedial Action Taken

General - Observations Requiring action. 18


Gas Tank area secured and labelled – KITCHEN

Armed Response button tested – OFFICE – SECURITY

Mercom Residents list up to date – SECURITY

Emergency Equipment Cupboard Checked – SECURITY

Panic button faults – changes reported HC

Access Control system in working order.

PABX Phone system working – OFFICE

Generator Run Weekly – MAINT

Generator fuel level – MAINT

Generator Check – Log completed weekly – MAINT

Gas connection internal – KITCHEN

Lock Down Procedures in Place HC – KITCHEN – SECURITY

6 Monthly

All Guards trained – Emergency Procedures

Dates of Drills HC and VILLAGE


Generator Serviced

Working at heights medical up to date

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.