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  • This review should be completed in every store once per quarter and should be completed by the Area Manager/ Operations Manager. The results should be logged on the tracker provided and shared with F&F. All Red lights should have a next step in place to improve performance. Stores should use 'N/A' for any checks that are not applicable in these formats. The pass mark is now 85% for Green with stores scoring between 75% and 84% rated Amber. The audit should be checked for accuracy when partners and F&F are together in market.

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  • Supporting material - WGLL guide (page 6) & VM checklist

  • Mall Lighting outside store working/ Lighting outside department working

  • F&F lettering above entrance is in good working order and clean

  • Windows clean, inside and out

  • Store directory(s) in good condition

  • Window laid out as per plan (mannequins)

  • Window displayed as per seasonal guide including POS

  • All window prices are correct

  • Price blocks displayed and straight

Store Entrance

Store Entrance

  • Supporting material - WGLL guide (page 7)

  • Roller shutter fully up

  • EAS gates working and in good condition

  • Where sited in the store the mid entrance '&' should be clean and in good condition

  • Shopping baskets readily available (market dependent)

  • In store music playing (ex KSA)

Space & Layout/Merchandising

Space & Layout/Merchandising

  • Supporting Material - WGLL guide (page 8-9)

  • Current seasonal guidelines

  • Shopfloor is laid out as per approved drawings and on correct colour fixtures

  • POS and graphics displayed as per approved drawings

  • Merchandise layout is planned using seasonal VM guide

  • Merchandise adjacencies are sensible to the customer

  • Have the correct departments are coordinated as per the VM guide

  • Trading rails are positioned and delivered to drive trade (Hypers only)

  • Only the correct departments are coordinated as per the VM guide

  • Have all blocked departments been merchandised correctly

  • FSUs are merchandised to suit the store stock levels (eg high density merchandised, or displaying an outfit)

Flooring & Rugs

Flooring & Rugs

  • Supporting material - WGLL guide (page 10)

  • Floor in good condition

  • Flooring mopped daily and free from gum

  • Flooring cleaned under fixtures

  • Rug in good condition

  • Rug vacuumed daily

  • Rug lifted weekly and floor cleaned beneath

Ceilings, Lighting & High Level Fixtures

Ceilings, Lighting & High Level Fixtures

  • Supporting material - WGLL guide (page 11)

  • All lighting in good working order (no more than 4 bulbs out)

  • Lighting dusted regularly with no evidence of cobwebs

  • No 'dark spots' in the store with all spotlights angled in the best position

  • No hanging wires from the ceiling

  • All high level fixtures and lettering free from dust and cobwebs

  • 3D Lettering and Signage is present and straight



  • Supporting Material - WGLL guide (page 12)

  • Product displayed is appropriate and displayed in volume with price

  • Tables clean and glass free from streaks

  • Tables and table legs are in good condition and free from dust



  • Supporting Material - WGLL guide (Issue 2)

  • Mannequins displayed as per approved plan (windows checked in section 1)

  • Mannequins in good condition

  • All mannequins in store should be dressed with the latest options and changed regularly to promote new product

  • Bases should be clean and in good condition

General Fixtures/Equipment

General Fixtures/Equipment

  • Supporting Material - WGLL guide (page 14-15)

  • End of arm POS (2 per mod) A7 only on essentials, footwear and accessories

  • Price points visible and accurate

  • Mirrors are smear free

  • No items on the floor

  • All products straight and size ordered

  • All product steamed

  • Belts and buttons are done up and products are neatly hung on the correct hanger

  • Hangers hung the correct way round (question mark formation ?)

  • No missing size pips from hangers

  • All new lines merchandised on the shop floor

  • No over filling on arms

  • No missing sizes on the shop-floor that are in the stockroom

  • All back stock removed to stockroom

  • Correct VM equipment in place (eg Hat Stands, Handbag Stands)

  • Correct colour equipment being used

  • All store equipment should be in good working order

  • All unused fixtures have been removed from the sales floor


  • Supporting material - POS Guidelines

  • Price Points visible and accurate

  • 'The Perfect Price' POS is displayed according to the guidelines

  • 'Better Quality, Better Price' POS is displayed

  • Events and Promotions are displayed the correct POS

Cash Desk

Cash Desk

  • Supporting material - WGLL guide (page 16)


  • Product on front display is relevant and kept neat and tidy<br>

  • Relevant legal documentation is on display<br>

  • Back of Cash Desk is clear from clutter and clean<br>

  • Storage cupboards are tidy and cleaned out regularly<br>

  • Till area is free from clutter and clean<br>

  • Till point clear, inviting and stocked with packaging and pens<br>

Fitting Rooms

Fitting Rooms

  • Supporting material - WGLL guide (Issue 2)


  • Fitting room corridor should be clean and well lit<br>

  • All fitting room doors should be open unless in use<br>

  • Number of items should be managed<br>

  • Fitting rooms should be cleaned out daily and free of stock and other items<br>

  • Each fitting room should have a stool<br>

  • Fitting rooms locks should be as per brand standard and in good working order<br>

  • Fitting rooms should be free of loose labels and security tags

Stock Room

Stock Room

  • Supporting material - WGLL guide (page 18-19)


  • All stock should be unpacked, checked off (if required) and hung ASAP<br>

  • Stock should be sorted and hung by department, trend and size sorted<br><br>

  • Newer stock should be stored closest to the front of the stock room<br>

  • Fittings should be stored tidily<br>

  • VM equipment is stored together neatly and is organised<br>

  • Walkways are clear between the racking<br>

  • The floor is clean and general cleaning standards are high<br>

  • Hanging POS is organised and any old POS has been discarded<br>

  • Colleague communication boards should be up to date<br>

  • Stockroom door is closed when not in use<br>

  • Offices are clean with no clutter<br>

  • Boxes of stock are clearly labelled on the outside<br>

  • No staff items to be found anywhere other than in lockers<br>

  • No shopping baskets in the Stockroom or other unnecessary items<br>

Operations Folder

Operations Folder

  • Supporting material - Operations Folder version 1


  • The Operations Folder is available for review (version 1)<br>

  • The folder contains all points listed on the contents page and all versions are up to date<br>

  • Any changes to the Fixture or POS plan are noted with a reason and signed for by the Brand Manager or VM Manager

Colleagues Standards of Dress

Standards of Dress

  • Supporting material - WGLL guide (page 20)


  • All colleagues must wear a uniform or a suitable outfit which reflects the brand<br>

  • Name badges/lanyards or similar worn<br>



  • Sales target being achieved<br>

  • If target not being achieved a plan is in place to improve<br>

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

  • Mystery Shopper (or equivalent) being achieved

  • Social media target being achieved<br>

Staffing & Training

  • Supporting material - Training pages on F&F Global cloud

  • Sufficient staffing is in place, if there are vacancies, there is a plan in place to recruit<br>

  • A staff rota is available and is used everyday to plan store routines<br>

  • All provided training material has been completed<br>

  • All training is recorded and signed for on the Training Record Card<br>

  • The Store Manager can describe what processes are in place to control shrink<br>

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