Internal Service: Values Our People and Our Culture

Instructions: Enter appropriate response. Then provide the actual scores the location received for the quarter.

Fryer & On-boarding (new hire) Goal is 100% with in 2 weeks

Cross-trained 3+ workstations (TM)- Goal is 80%.

Management Staffing- 5 Team Leaders per store. And 1 Assistant or Hipo Assistant Manager Candidate if store exceeds $30,000.



Action Plan

External Service- Values our guest-centric culture, provides friendly and hassle free service in a timely manner.

Mystery Shop- 80% average for the quarter.

Voice of Guest- 75%

Speed of Service- 4:00 mins

Food Safety- Pass



Action Plans

Higher Profits- Financial Performance

Sales- 3% average for the quarter.

Food Cost- Under 29.3%

Packaging- Under 2.5%

Supplies- Under .85% Yakima/Boise. Under 1% Spokane.

Labor- Makes goal according to sliding scale.

Over Time- Zero Overtime



Action Plans

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