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  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

SRL (Latchway/MSA)

  • SRL sticker present & in date

  • SRL serial number

  • SRL secure and undamaged

  • SRL Frame free for damaged

  • SRL Run smoothly when carrying out pull out test

  • SRL been deployed

  • is tether line present

Davit crane Palfinger 14000

  • Davit crane service sticker present and in date

  • ID plate present

  • Lower pedestal bolts Painted or Denso taped

  • Crane wire Greased

  • Coating damage to any area of the davit crane

  • MOPS handle present and free from damage

  • Electrical cabinets free from damage and water ingress

  • Pedestal remote present and free from damage

  • External power source present with cap fitted

  • Emergency stop present and free from damage

  • Rescue arm present and free from damage

Concrete platform

  • General condition (Cracks, Surface Defects etc)


  • coating damage


  • Handrails free from damage

  • Handrails secure and free from movement

  • Securing pot pins in place and tethered

  • Handrail housing pot free from damage (Welds Cracked)

  • Handrail sit flush in housing pot

Loading gates

  • Gates free from damage

  • Locking mechanism function correctly

  • Locking mechanism retaining wire & split pin in place

  • Locking mechanism have rubber pads in place

  • Are the loading gates meant to be self-closing?

  • Individual gate securing pin fit in hole

  • Gate hinge greased

Access gate

  • Main access gate are they self-closing

  • Sign's of rust

Temporary nav lights

  • Installed

Anchor point

  • Anchor point have ID Plates

  • Do they have a SWL

  • Signage clear. Eg, two person hook on or one person


  • Cover secure and free from damage

  • Access point open freely

GBS Internal

  • SRL Bracket installed

  • SRL installed

  • Access ladder free from damage

  • Top hat anchor straps in place and secure

  • Gratings free from damage

  • Mushrooms installed and secured

  • Lower access hatch in place and free from damage

  • Locking chain in place for access hatch and free from damage

  • Switch gear in place and free from damage

  • Switch gear have a cover over it

  • Lighting in place and free from damage

  • Safety signage installed and clear

  • Handrails secure and free from damages

  • Access gates self-closing and free from damage

  • Cable trays installed and free from damages

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