• Job Address
  • Regular Client

  • Start Time

  • Finish Time

  • Time Spent On Job

  • Payment For Job



  • Safety Cones Available ?

  • Safety Gloves Available ?

  • Dust mask / Respirator Available ?

  • Safety Goggles Available ?

  • Hearing Protection Available ?

  • Safety Shoes Available And in Use ?

  • Sunscreen ?

  • Body Harness ?

  • Safety Barriers/Signage ?

  • Hi-Visibility Vest ?

  • Hat/Cap ?

  • First Aid Kit Available & Adequately Stocked ?


  • Are All Ladders Industrial Rated to 120Kg ?

  • Are All Ladders In Good Condition ?

  • If Working Near Power Lines, Are They Non Conductive (Wood/Fibreglass ) ?

  • Has FSE Completed Heights Training ?


  • Is all Equipment Well Maintained (i.e. Neat/Clean/Tidy/Serviced ) ?

  • Is There a Full Compliment of Equipment as Required to Perform Work ?

  • Are There any Obvious Safety Concerns with the Work Site that may Impact FSE or Client/s Safety ?

  • Is the Workplace Maintained in a Tidy Condition ?

  • Green Waste Bin Used ( If Applicable )


  • Is FSE in Full Uniform ?

  • Is the Uniform Clean and in Good Condition ?

  • Is The FSE Clean Shaven ?

  • Is The FSE Using Correct Voicemail Message ?

  • Is the Vehicle/Trailer Clean and Tidy ?

  • Is the Vehicle/Trailer Signage in Good Condition ?

  • Is FSE using jims Mowing Business Cards ?

  • Is FSE Using Correct jims mowing Email ?

STAFF ( If Applicable )

  • Staff in Uniform

  • PPE Equipment Used by Staff

  • Tasks Allocated To Staff

  • Economy Of Effort ( Operator efficiently does job first time. Does not have to go over again )


Use of Equipment

  • 1: Confident,can use equipment well

  • 2: Good, can use most equipment ,could improve

  • 3: Ok, needs help with edging/ mow/cleanup

  • 4: Poor, has trouble,Needs to be instructed

Work Completed

  • 1: Very Good, high standard of work done

  • 2: Reasonable , Could be better

  • 3: OK , Needs to pay more attention to detail

  • 4: Poor standard, retraining needed

Customer Interaction & Focus

  • 1: Excellent , polite, courteous , friendly, value adds to the customer

  • 2: Good, approachable , room for improvement

  • 3: OK, shy , could be more open

  • 4: Poor, lacks confidence , unable to assist client, can't wait to leave property

Pricing & Time Management

  • 1: Excellent, good price very time efficient

  • 2: Good, fair price, could charge more, could work faster on the job

  • 3: OK, price too low, too much time taken on the job

  • 4: Poor, price too high/low, far too much time taken on job

Overall Rating

  • 1: Excellent, very high standard, runs very efficient business

  • 2: Good, high standard runs efficient business

  • 3: OK, room for improvement ,runs average business

  • 4: Poor, business needs urgent attention


  • 1: What do you think the job you have just completed ?

  • 2: How can you improve your performance ?


  • Offer constructive comments to franchisee about their self assessment and how they can improve to reach the standard that is required of jims Mowing FSE.


  • FSE Name & Code


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