First impressions

Was the entrance / car park free of litter ?

Is the food display case clean and full ?

Were you greeted straight away ?

We're the display jars in front of the till full ?


Was the person on the till friendly ?

Was their uniform clean / did they have a name badge on ?

We're you told about the LTO ?

We're you offered an add on ?

was your name taken ?

We're you given a punch card ?

Bar service

Was the person making the drinks friendly ?

Was your name called for you to collect your drink ?

Did the person making your drink say thank you ?

Cafe environment

Was the bar stocked with straws and napkins and clean ?

Was the cafe clean ?

Was the music at a comfortable volume ?

Was the wi fi working ?

We're all the lights in the store working ?

We're the toilets clean ?

General observations

Any member of staff stand out during your visit ?

Any general observations from your visit today ?