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Due Diligence

Financial Due Diligence

  • Review the following:

  • Past annual and quarterly financial information (Income statements, Balance sheets, Cash flow statements)

  • Sales and gross profits by product.

  • Rates of return by product.

  • Accounts receivable.

  • Breakdown of the business’s inventory. How much inventory is on hand? What is the value of the current inventory?

  • Breakdown of real estate and equipment. (List of name, model number, and valuation of all equipment, and size and current market value of land and buildings)

  • Past projections and actual results.

  • Future projections, including: quarterly and annual projections, projections by product

  • History of pricing policies and past increases.

  • All business tax details.

  • A summary of debts and their terms.

  • A summary of all current investors.

  • A summary of all shareholders.


  • General Comments

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