General Information

Information on this form covers the minimum requirements of NFPA 72 (2013), Table 14.3.1 for visual inspections of fire alarms. Separate forms are available to inspect, test and maintain the rest of the fire protection system of which the fire alarm is a part.

Building Name

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Date of Inspection:

All responses refer to the current inspection performed on this date.

Fire alarm service vendor:

Fire alarm monitoring vendor:

Weekly Fire Alarm Inspection
Date of weekly inspection.

Control Equipment

1) Fire alarm is powered?

2) Fire alarm control panel and remote enunciator panels are unobstructed and accessible by emergency personnel?

3) Lights and LEDs light when tested?

4) Control panel is free of supervisory or trouble signals?

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Monthly Fire Alarm Inspection
Date of monthly inspection.

1) Batteries are free of corrosion and leakage?

2) Battery connections are tight?

Date on battery is less than 5 years old?

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Inspector's Information

Company: MacKenzie Services

I state that the information on this form is correct at the time and place of inspection, and that all equipment tested at this time was left in operational condition upon completion of this inspection.

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