Title Page

  • Document No:

  • Customer

  • Site Address
  • Date

  • Arrival Time


  • System Type

  • Next Inspection due

  • % of system tested

  • False Alarms form last visit

Control Panel Items Tested & Inspected

  • General State of Panel

  • Battery Connection

  • Sounder Fault Indication

  • Zone Fault Indication

  • Fire Zone Indication

  • General Fault Indication

  • Panel Lamp Test

  • Evacuation

  • Silence Resound

  • Reset Function

  • Sounder Test

  • Reason

Remote Signalling

  • Site Connected to ARC

  • Automatic Transmission of Alarm system to ARC

Documentation for Site / System

  • System Log Book Present

  • Log Book up to Date

  • All Recorded Faults Rectified

  • Zone Chart Present & up to Date

Operation of Field Device Equipment

  • Detection on Site

  • Audio / Visual on Site

  • Call Points Unobstructed

  • Location and recommendation to stop obstruction

  • Automatic Device Undamaged

Field Circuits

  • All Circuits Respond to Fire

  • Visual State of Wiring

  • Visual State of Equipment

Battery Functions

  • Charge Voltage - V

  • Charge Current - mA

  • System Volts Mains Off - V

  • System Quiescent - mA

  • System Current in Full Alarm - mA

  • Alarm Functions with Batteries Disconnected

  • Reason

  • Battery Size - Ah

  • Battery 1 - Ah

  • Battery 2 - Ah

  • Date on Batteries


  • Engineers Signature

  • Customer Signature

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