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  • Does the door leaf sit against the door stop and is it free from distortion?

  • If the door is veneered or lipped, is the glue still holding these products firmly in place?

Door Frame

  • Is the frame in a good state of repair?

  • Is the door frame securely attached to the wall?

  • If a planted door stop is present, is it firmly attached?

  • Is the frame to door leaf gap consistently 3mm?

Door Seals

  • Are intumescent seals in place?

  • Are the seals well attached inside the groove in the door leaf or frame?

  • Are brush or fin type seals free from damage?

  • Are the smoke seals continuous around the door leaf or door frame?

Door Hinges

  • Is there a minimum of 3 hinges with all the screws fitted?

  • Are all the screws the correct size?

  • Are the hinges free from non-combustible packaging?

Door Closers

  • Open the door to 75mm or 5 degrees. Does it close and engage with the latch?

  • Is the closer securely attached to the door and the frame?

  • Is the closer free from damage?

  • If unlatched does the closer hold the door in line with the frame and intumescent seal?

  • If hung in pairs, do they close in line if both are opened and released together?

  • If hold open devices is used, is it electronically released?

  • Does the hold open device release the door when required?

Lock & Latch

  • Does the latch hold the door firmly in the frame without rattling

Glazing & Glass

  • Is the intumescent seal continuous and attached to the glass and bead?

  • Are the glazing beads well attached to the frame and free from damage?

  • Is the glass free from cracking or damage

  • If the glass has been replaced is it fire rated glass?

Threshold Gap

  • Is there a consistent gap under the door that allows it to swing without touching the floor covering?

  • Is the door to floor covering gap consistently 10mm (3mm if smoke seals are fitted) or less when the door is closed?

  • If the door leaf is fitted with a threshold seal, does the seal make contact with the floor covering when the door is closed?


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