Fire Marshal Inspection

All exits, fire escapes, hallways, corridors, stairwells, stairway doors, etc., used in connection with an exit are free from obstruction/storage, kept closed, not blocked or wedged open, and in good repair

Required exit signs and emergency lighting are properly illuminated and operational

Locking devices or hardware allow immediate egress

Heating equipment meets requirements (no open flame or portable heaters)

Laundry is kept clean and all equipment free from lint and dust

Required fire extinguishers are maintained and serviced regularly

Facility has an adequate water supply for fire fighting capability

Facility has an approved written fire and disaster plan

Electrical wiring and equipment are in safe condition

Electrical cords are in good condition, not frayed, spliced, or overloaded

Covers are provided for all electrical switches, convenience outlets, and junction boxes

Fire alarm system is operative and properly tagged by licensed fire alarm company

Commercial range hood extinguisher is inspected and maintained by licensed personnel every six months

Gas heating units are checked for proper operation by licensed personnel, as required

Sprinkler system is operational and properly maintained

To the best of my knowledge, the facility meets local fire safety requirements



Fire Marshal Name and Signature