Fire Escape Routes

Fire Extinguishers

  • Are extinguishers in labelled locations?

  • Are extinguisher pins in place and seals unbroken (for 2016/17 the extinguisher pins are green)?

  • Are extinguishers easily accessible and unobstructed?

  • If a gauge is fitted, is the needle in the green zone?

Fire Escape Routes

  • Are emergency exit routes clearly signposted?

  • Are escape routes clear and free of obstruction?

  • Do fire doors self close effectively into the door frame?

  • Are fire doors kept closed (not held/wedged open)?

Fire Safety Notices and Signs

  • Are all fire safety notices and signs clearly visible and not defaced?

  • Are fire action notices in place and do they indicate the location of the Fire Assembly Point?

  • Is the sign at the Fire Assembly Point in place, clearly visible and undamaged?

Fire Exits

  • Are final exits from buildings clear of instructions, both inside and outside the building?

  • Can emergency exits be opened without the use of a key?

  • Is the Fire Assembly Point clearly identifiable and it is in a clear safe away from traffic?

Electrical Equipment

  • Are all electric cables tidy and free from trip hazards?

  • Are all extension cables fully extended (uncoiled) and routed safely?

  • Is there evidence of temporary repair of or damage to electrical equipment?

Heating Equipment

  • Are heaters, flues, vents and hot pipes clear of furniture, clothing, paper or other combustible materials?

General Housekeeping

  • Are all work areas tidy?

  • Is the smoking policy seen to be working?

  • Are packing and stationery materials securely contained and stored?

  • Are flammable materials stored in a secure location?

  • Is combustible waste safely stored away from heat sources and disposed of regularly?


  • Have all issues been addressed since the last check sheet was completed? if not, please explain which are outstanding.

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  • Fire wardens and ASMs should keep a copy of this form for their records. The Fire Warden should forward the completed form, signed and dated to the appropriate Area Safety Manager. The ASM should forward the completed copy to the SHE Office and action remedial measures where necessary.

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