Title Page

General Information

  • Manufacturing Process

  • Manufacturer

  • Location
  • Quality Inspector

  • Conducted on

First Article Inspection

  • Type of First Article

  • Index of Parts
  • Part Number

  • Part Name

  • Part Number

  • Part Name

  • Product Number

  • Product Name

  • Type of FAI

  • Reason

Raw Materials & Processes

  • Material or Process Name

  • Specification Number

  • Supplier Name

  • Supplier Address

Special Processes

  • Is a special process involved?

  • Special Process
  • Special Process Supplier Code

  • Is the Special Process Supplier approved?

  • Certificate of Conformance Number

Functional Tests

  • Is a functional test to be performed?

  • Functional Test
  • Functional Test Procedure Number

  • Acceptance Report Number

Manufacturing Process Verification

    Design Characteristics
  • Characteristic Number

  • Reference Location

  • Characteristic Designator

  • Requirement

  • Inspection Result

  • Designed Tooling

  • Is the characteristic non-conforming?

  • Non-conformance Number


  • Additional Comments

  • The signature indicates that all characteristics are accounted for; meet drawing requirements or are properly documented for disposition.

  • Quality Inspector

  • Production Manager

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