• Site Address
  • What activities are carried out on this site in general?

  • What is the construction of the roof?

  • What is the construction of the Walls?

  • What is the construction of the Frame?

  • What is the insulation type?

  • What year is the property Built?

  • Number of Stories?

  • Sq Footage of Warehouse

  • Sq Footage of Offices


  • Does this site have a fire alarm? (if yes when was it last serviced?) *TAKE A PICTURE OF PANEL)

  • Does this site have an in date Fire Risk Assessment

  • Does this site have Fire Extinguishers and are they in date

  • Are any staff on site trained - Fire Marshal and Use of Fire Extinguishers

  • Does this site have a sprinkler system? (if yes, how do we isolate in an emergency?)


  • Does this site have adequate internal lighting?

  • Does this site have adequate external lighting

  • Does this site have emergency lighting?

  • Is the PAT testing in date?

  • Is the FIXED Wire Inspection in date?

  • Are there sub stations or transformers on site (if yes establish who needs to maintain)

  • What visual condition are they in?

  • Who's responsibility is it to maintain them?

  • Take Some Pictures for our records

  • Does the office have any cabling for broadband or any cabinets...?

Site Signage

  • H&S Law Poster?

  • Site Safety Sign

  • Fire Assembly Point

  • Owens Signage


  • What are the opening hours of the site?

  • What is the structure of the roof - does it require maintenance

  • Whats is the general structure of the building and or offices

  • How many roller doors and when was the last service?

  • What source of heating is there? (boilers to be serviced)

  • Is there an asbestos report for this site?

  • Any air conditioning on site?

  • Is there any Pallet racking and is it in service?

  • Is there staff on site trained in first aid?

  • Does Pest control need to be set up for this site?

  • Are there any tenants occupying the building / shared communal area?

  • Are there Site plans for Draingage

  • Any other information to record?


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