Safe Start Basic


  • Employee uses proper body positioning – (falling, struck by, striking against, pinch points)

  • Describe your observation:

  • PPE - (required, adequate, good condition, properly worn)

  • What is missing?

  • Why is it missing?

  • Are employees using safety barrier when lifting TB to mezzanine?

  • Why not?

  • Are employees using proper cutting tools?

  • Why are SRB's not being utilized?


  • If using a SRB, does the employee have a cut resistant glove and/or sleeve on?

  • Why not?


  • Is the production floor area is free of trip hazards (trash, material, etc)?

  • Identify source of trip hazard

  • Is the production floor area is clear of any slip hazards (oil, water, resin)?

  • Identify source of slip hazard

  • Is the floor around the resin hoppers clear of resin?

  • What event(s) led to resin on floor?

Hazard Identification Process (Near Miss):

  • Did you identify any activities that cause an employee to put a body part in close proximity to a nip/rotating equipment? (Select N/A for None.)

  • Location of finding:

  • Description:

  • Contributing Factors- States

  • Contributing Factors-Critical Errors

  • Did you highlight the above risk to the employee?

  • Why not?

  • Questions or Recommendations:

  • Identify a Housekeeping or Contamination Issue -

  • Examples: Dust above/around machines, dirty floor, carts overflowing, Doors left open, holes/gaps in siding, poor Equipment out of place, not properly marked, obsolete equipment, dirty/unclean area, poor condition, food outside of lunch room, painting required. Add a photo if possible.

  • Is the area clear of any Housekeeping or Contamination issues?

  • Issue(s):

  • The key to the MBWA daily tour is listening to our employees. Did you receive any feedback or comments from the employees? (Select N/A for no feedback.)

  • List comments:

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