Verification of Fixed Assets Controls

The organisation has an up-to-date record of fixed assets

Fixed assets are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they continue to be of use to the organisation and are in good working condition

Portable fixed assets are stored securely when not in use

Information and communications technology devices and other equipment provided to employees and volunteers are tracked and accounted for

Only authorised employees and volunteers are allocated keys to the organisation’s buildings and offices

The organisation’s buildings and offices are secured after office hours

Access to the organisation’s buildings and offices after office hours is for authorised employees and volunteers only

An appropriate level of insurance cover is in place to cover fixed assets

Depreciation charges are calculated and reviewed prior to annual audits

Purchases of capital items are made in accordance with the organisation’s procurement policy and payment procedures

Rental properties and leases are in the name of the organisation and not in the name of individual directors or employees

Auditor's full name and signature