Driver Details

  • Business Unit

  • Driver's Licence Number

  • How much legroom do you need? How tall are you?

  • What build are you?

  • Please select the description that best describes the environment that you normally drive in

Vehicle Details

  • What vehicle is being reviewed in this response?

  • How long did you have the vehicle?

  • Is the seat adjustable up/down/forward/back to accommodate your leg length and torso height?

  • Steering wheel position - is it adjustable to a comfortable position?

  • Is the seat comfortable?

  • Is there enough headroom in the vehicle?

  • Is the seatbelt adjustable to comfortable height/position?

  • Does the vehicle have central locking?

  • Does the vehicle have power windows?

  • Does the vehicle have electric mirrors?


  • Are there any blindspots?

  • Do the side and rear mirrors provide sufficient visibility?

  • Is there a reverse camera?

  • Are parking sensors present?

  • Is cruise control present?

  • Is there an over speed alert present?

  • Do you feel safe in this vehicle? (comments can be added at end of survey)

  • Does the vehicle brake comfortably, without too much sensitivity or play in the brake pedal?

  • Does the vehicle steer confidentally, without too much sensitivity or play?


  • Is the bluetooth easily paired and used?

  • Are there steering wheel mounted controls for bluetooth and radio?

  • Is Satellite Navigation present?

  • Is Apple CarPlay or a similar 'handsfree' technology present?


  • Does the vehicle have sufficient space to store all equipment for your duties safely/securely?

  • Is the vehicle suitable for the environment that you work in? (size, engine capacity, terrain)

  • Is the vehicle easy to park?


  • Rate this vehicle

  • Do you feel comfortable in this vehicle to perform your business tasks?

  • Is this car better than the current vehicle you are driving at CCA?

  • Tell us what you think aboiut this car.

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