• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

  • Date and Time audit began


Employee Responsible For Vehicle

  • Photograph of Vehicle Being Inspected

  • Year

  • Type

  • Make

  • Model

  • License Number

  • Drivers Name

  • Department Within Group

  • Odometer Reading at Inspection

General Maintenance:

  • Are tyres in good condition, inflated to the recommended levels and tread is above the legal limit?

  • Is the windscreen and windows in good condition (check for cracks)?

  • Are the windscreen wipers in a good condition?

  • Have all the following levels been checked and topped up where necessary:<br>Oil<br>Engine Coolant<br>Anti Freeze<br>Windscreen Washers

  • Are all lights working:<br>Head lights<br>Full Beam<br>Rear lights<br>Break lights<br>Reversing<br>

  • Are all indicators working, including warning lights?

  • Are all mirrors in good order

  • Comments: (if there are any 'No' answers above, please give details)

  • Are there any warning lights activated? (If yes please give details)

General condition of Vehicle: check the following areas for scratches, scuffs, dents etc and write findings area provided.

  • Front side panels

  • Bonnet

  • Front bumper

  • Rear bumper

  • Door panels

  • Boot / rear bed

  • Rear side panels

  • Roof

  • Mirrors

Miscellaneous items: Check that the following items are in the vehicle

  • Wheel locking nut

  • Spare wheel inc accessories (jack etc)

  • Fire Extinguisher Charged and Inspected Monthly?

  • Vehicle is Equipped with Bluetooth / Handsfree when Vehicle is in Operation


  • Signature of Driver

  • If handing the car over to another driver then a signature must be obtained from the driver of the vehicle and the new driver of the vehicle.

    If handing back to the company a signature must be obtained from the driver of the vehicle and a company representive who has inspected the vehicle on handover.

  • Name of new driver or company representative:

  • Signature of new driver or company representative:

  • Date of signature:

  • Signature of driver on handing over

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