Previous Inspection

  • Has last report been reviewed?

  • Have all outstanding actions been completed?

Fire Safety

  • Are Extinguishers in p!ace at Fire Points?

  • Are Extinguishers clear from obstructions?

  • Are Fire hose boxes clear from obstructions?

  • Are Fire Exits clear of obstructions?

  • Do Fire Doors function correctly?

General Safety & Housekeeping

  • Are all hand tools in good condition?

  • Are all tools ( cutters, pliers and hammers) in good condition in winding operations

  • Are any electrical extension in use in good condition?

  • Is electrical wiring in good condition?

  • Are all electrical cables free from causing obstacles?

  • Are all aisle and walkways clear?

  • Are all material drops clear from aisle or walkways?

  • Is all material scrap in correct locations?

  • Is all the material dropouts / leftovers identified properly?

  • Are all waste bins empty and ready for shift?

  • Are the winding wires disposed properly into the waste bin

  • Are the winding wires waste bin kept closed with cover? Not protruding outside?

  • Are floors clear from rubbish?

  • Are all cleaning products / rags tidied away?

  • Is there adequate material to deal with spillages?


  • Do all employees on shift have correct PPE for tasks?

  • Is PPE in good condition?

  • Are all visitors high vis jacket and safety glass available in the office?

  • Are all visitors high vis jacket and safety glass available in factory entrance?

  • Is spare PPE available?

Work Scheduling and Quality

  • Is the job orders are available and completed ?

  • Do other operators have work schedules?

  • Is all work being conducted to appropriate standards?

  • Are Quality inspections carried out. First off, In process and last off?


  • Is racking in good order and damage free?

  • Are all goods stored on racking in safe conditions?

  • Are all ladders damage free and in working condition?

  • Have incoming parts been put in the Goods receiving area?

  • Is the flammable materials like paints stored separately in proper ventilated area?

  • Are hazards (paints, thinner and aerosol cans ) are identified and controlled with expiry ?


  • Has Forklift checklist been completed?

  • Has water jet TPM been completed?

  • Is all guarding in place for machines in use and being used?

  • Are all guarding in place for winding machines in use and being used?

  • Are all other machines free from defects?

  • Is compressor set up correctly?

  • Are all airlines free from leakage?

  • Outside Yard - are the materials arranged properly?

  • Any other issues

  • Any suggestions

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