Are details correct in AMS


Has this culvert had a CCTV inspection carried out?

Date of last inspection
Structure details
Type of gate

Size/dimension of floodgate/outlet

Amount of gate visible when inspected

Condition of structure

Floodgate condition rating

Headwall inlet condition rating

Headwall outlet condition rating

Is there a winch?

Winch - Winch condition rating

Winch - Rope condition rating

Is there an inlet gate/stop log grooves?

Inlet gate/stop log groves condition rating

External visual CULVERT PIPE condition rating

Overall condition rating priority :

Overall condition


Drain condition

Access to floodgate

Is there/should there be a marker post?

Correct numbering on marker post

Is the marker post clearly visible?

Marker post condition

Overall comments

Best guess at remaining useful life

Any extra comments or work required

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