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Hygiene of Food Rooms & Equipment

  • Are food rooms and equipment in good condition and well maintained?

  • Are food rooms clean and tidy and do staff clean as they go including difficult areas?

  • Is equipment easy to clean and kept in a clean condition?

  • Are all food and hand contact surfaces (e.g. work surfaces, slicers, fridge handles, probe thermometers) in good condition and cleaned/ disinfected regularly?

  • Are suitable cleaning chemicals available and stored correctly and are proper cleaning methods used?

  • Are separate cleaning cloths used in clean areas?

  • If they are re-used are they laundered in a boil wash?

Food Storage

  • Are deliveries appropriately stored immediately?

  • Is ready-to-eat food stored above/separate from raw food in the fridges and freezers?

  • Are foods in freezers covered?

  • Are high-risk foods date coded, codes checked daily and stock rotated?

  • Are dried goods stored correctly (e.g. in a suitable room, off the floor) in covered containers?

  • Is outer packaging removed from ready-to-eat food before being placed in a clean area?

  • Are freezers working properly?

  • Are fridges and freezers defrosted regularly?

Food Handling Practices

  • Are ready-to-eat foods prepared in separate clean areas?

  • Are separate utensils and equipment used for ready-to-eat foods unless disinfected in a dishwasher?

  • Is the dishwasher in good working order and regularly serviced?

  • Are wrapping and packaging used for ready-to-eat food kept in the clean area?

  • Do separate staff handle ready-to-eat food or are controls being followed to ensure staff change clothing and wash hands before handling ready-to-eat food?

  • Is separate complex equipment provided for ready-to-eat food and is it located in the clean area?

  • Are staff handling food as little as possible? (e.g using tongs)

  • If color-coded equipment is provided (e.g. utensils, chopping boards), is it correctly used?

  • Are high-risk foods prepared in small batches and placed in the fridge immediately after handling/preparation?

  • Is food cooled as quickly as possible away from raw food and other sources of contamination?

  • Are vegetables/fruit/salads/ trimmed and washed thoroughly before use unless labeled as ready-to-eat?

  • Are ready-to-eat foods kept separate on display and screened from customers?

  • Are adequate clean utensils available for self service?

  • Are frozen foods defrosted safely?

  • Are controls in place to prevent contamination by chemicals/foreign bodies (e.g. glass, packaging materials, bolts, rust, and cleaning chemicals)?

  • Are staff aware of food allergy hazards?

  • Are controls being followed to ensure staff wash hands after handling raw food and before touching surfaces, such as the cash register?

  • Is a separate probe thermometer used for ready-to-eat foods and properly cleaned/disinfected before use?

Personal Hygiene

  • Is staff lit to work, wearing clean, suitable protective clothing and following personal hygiene rules particularly hand washing?

  • Are wash hand basins clean with hot water, soap and hygienic hand drying facilities?

  • Are wash hand basins used for hand washing only and is effective handwashing by staff regularly observed?

  • Are staff toilets and changing facilities clean and tidy?

Pest Control

  • Are premises pest proofed and free from any signs of pests?

  • Are external doors/ windows fitted with suitable flyscreens?

  • Are insectocutors (if provided) properly maintained?

  • Is food property protected from the risk of contamination by pests?

Waste Control

  • Is waste in food rooms stored correctly?

  • Is food waste stored correctly outside and is the refuse area kept clean?

  • Is unfit food clearly labeled and stored separately from other foods?

Checks and Record Keeping

  • Are all checks properly taken and recorded?

  • Has appropriate corrective action been taken where necessary?

  • Are record sheets up-to-date, checked and verified?

  • Are equipment time/temperature combinations regularly cross-checked?


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