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  • Conducted on (Date and Time)

  • Inspected by

  • Location

Basic Checks

    Dispatch Receiving
  • All hand sinks equipped with soap and disposable paper towels or Air dryers?

  • Chiller and freezer temperatures taken and recorded?

  • Cooler storage practices are implemented? (raw meat storage practices, food containers covered)?

  • Equipment clean, well maintained, and free of physical defects?

  • FIFO (First In, First Out) practiced; no visibly spoiled or tainted foods?

  • No evidence of insects/vermin in storage, processing, and retail areas (monitoring stations)?

  • No ill food handlers on duty (diarrhea, vomiting, jaundice)?

  • Food handlers free of exposed cuts?

  • Manager/Staff trained in HACCP principles?

  • Hot and cold running water available from all sinks?

Pre-pack Checks

  • Food is handled and stored in a manner that minimizes cross-contamination?

  • Frequent hand washing observed (Soap & disposable paper towels available at hand basins)?

  • Area is clean and free from pests?

  • Floors and walls are clean and dry?

  • Food equipment and food contact surfaces are properly washed and sanitized after every use?

  • Knives are thoroughly cleaned between tasks?

  • Cleaning schedule is signed and checked by manager?

  • Refuse bins are properly lined with plastic bags?

  • Refuse bins are kept covered at all times when not in use?

  • Cleaning cloths stored in a sanitizing solution & verified with chemical test strips?

  • Food preparation area is clean and free from pests?

  • Disposable gloves are used in correct manner and are changed regularly and when necessary?

  • Food handlers practice good personal Hygiene?

  • Area is well ventilated?

  • No unauthorized staff allowed in the pre-pack area?

  • Hair is kept in tidy condition, and covered with hairnets where necessary?

  • Disposable gloves are used in correct manner and are changed regularly and when necessary?

Toilet and staff locker area

  • Toilets are clean and dry?

  • Toilets are well-ventilated and not of unpleasant odor?

  • Basic amenities such as soap, toilet paper, hand dryer/ hand towel and litter bins are readily available?

  • Toilet facilities are in good working order?

  • Toilets are not used for any form of storage?

  • Staff locker area is clean and tidy?

  • Staff locker area is not used for storage purposes?

  • Staff practice good personal hygiene?

Freezer/ Chiller.

  • Frozen/ chilled food are maintained at correct temperatures?

  • Chiller Freezer
  • Temperature log books are filled in 3 times a day?

  • Freezer/ Chiller are not overstocked?

  • Floors are clean and no open food is observed?

Closing Checks

  • Cooler and freezer temperatures taken and recorded?

  • Dirty PPE are washed regularly and documentation is up to date?

  • MSDS sheets are available for the chemicals that are used to wash PPE?

  • Waste bins have been emptied & garbage bags removed from kitchen?

  • Cleaning has been completed as outlined in cleaning schedule?


  • Full Name and Signature of the Inspector

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