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1. Handwashing / Hand Sinks

  • Hand sinks stocked with paper towels, antibacterial soap, sanitizer and 2 glove racks.

  • Hands correctly washed at least once per hour (or more frequently if needed).

  • Free from obstruction (including basin).

2. Health Violations

  • Most current health inspection report available.

  • Follow up actions documented.

  • All non-critical & critical violations corrected and maintained.

3. Hot Water

  • All sinks meet hot water requirements and in good repair.

4. Temperature Control

  • Temperature checks in the coil book are completed accurately and on time.

5. Sanitizing

  • Approved, properly labeled containers/spray bottles used for sanitizer solution.

  • Sanitizer test strips readily available.

  • Shift responsible person can demonstrate proper use of sanitizer test strips.

  • All open stations have accessible sanitizer solutions at proper PPM (50-200) with correct color wipe cloth(s) immersed in solution.

6. Shake Machine/Soft Serve

  • No buildup evident in carburetor tube.

  • All required brushes present, clean, stored properly and in good repair.

  • Blender/spindle area free of dried shake mix buildup.

7. Approved Product

  • All food, packaging and chemicals in use listed in the Approved Brands List ( ABL) unless specified in OPS manual.

8. Time Control

  • Potentially hazardous foods held at room temperature marked with the proper hold time and discarded when expired.

9. Cross Contamination

  • Are required tongs available.

  • Cooked and raw product tongs kept separate and stored so that handles do not touch cooked or raw product.

  • All tongs, knives, PHU pans, shake spindle, iced coffee stainless mixing cup, other utensils and specified broiler parts are W/R/S every 4 hours when in use.

  • Shift responsible person can explain system of 4-hour change out of tongs, pans, utensils and specified equipment.

  • Only blue (in clean, sanitizes smallware) and Lift-n-Grip (stored on top of bag) tongs stored in meat well.

  • New or replacement product not mixed with old product.

10. Pest Activity

  • Restaurant free of insects, live or dead rodents, visible rodent droppings or nesting birds.

  • Most recent pest control operator report on file in restuarant.

11. Cook-outs

  • Shift responsible person can correctly demonstrate beef cook-out.

  • Beef cook-out performed & recorded at least 3 times per day (4 times/day for late night or 24 hour restaurants).

  • No more than 3 cook-outs missed or corrective action not taken in a 30 day window / any missed cook-out hilighted and initialed by supervisor running next shift.

12. Other Critical Violations

  • No evidence of communicable diseases involving team members (e.g., cold, flu, stomach disorders).

  • No cleaning products / chemicals improperly labeled or stored by food.

  • Yellow wipe cloths used ONLY in restrooms.

  • Only yellow tools, yellow wipe cloths and yellow scrub pads (optional) stored in restroom caddy.

  • Drainage back-up prevented in all areas.

Other Observed Criticals (not listed above)

  • List other critical violations observed that are NOT listed above

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