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Paddington Approvals

  • 2A Heeley Street (Gusto Gourmet area basis 26m2 + 2 awnings). Complying?

  • 2 Heeley Street (Ovvio area basis 4m2 no ancillary items). Complying?

  • 2A Heeley Street/Broughton Street NO APPROVALS. Complying?

  • 348 Oxford Street (Paddington Fresh area basis 2.25m2 + .9m2 total 3.15m2) no ancillary items. Complying?

  • 8 Heeley Street (Wasavie Restaurant 2 tables / 8 chairs) no ancillary items. Complying?

  • Kidman Lane (adj 78 Oxford Street Paddington Bookstore 4 tables / 8 chairs) no ancillary items. Complying?

  • 96 Oxford Street (Sweet Art Anthea Leonard) NO APPROVAL. Complying?

  • 110 Boundary Street (Cafe Maison area basis 4.5m2) no ancillary items. Complying?

  • 41 Cascade Street NO APPROVAL. Complying?

  • 220 Glenmore Road (Thomas Dux Grocer area basis 1.5m2 + flower stand). Complying?

  • 222-224 Glenmore Road (Christos Fiveways Pizzeria area basis 9m2) no ancillary items. Complying?

  • 224A-226 Glenmore Road (The Hideout) NO APPROVAL Complying?

  • 227 Glenmore Road (Vamps Bistro area basis 3m2 awning over) Complying?

  • 229 Glenmore Road (Eat Thai area basis 22m2) no ancillary items. Complying?

  • 257 Glenmore Road (La Gerbe D' Or Patisserie area basis 11.3m2) no ancillary items. Complying?

  • 209-211 Glenmore Road (L'Etoile Restaurant 6 tables/12 chairs + 3 umbrellas) No ancillary items. Complying?

  • 55 Glenview Street (Sea Cow Restaurant area basis 14.7m2) no ancillary items. Complying?

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