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Inspector Information

  • Inspector

  • Do you have a valid forklift operator license

  • Is Battery charging station clear of obstructions? Are all charging station PPE present? Is area free of spills?

  • Charging Station PPE

    Charging station ppe.JPG
  • Follow the below inspection guidelines, document all issues as applicable
    Inspections need to be sent to Health and Safety no later than one hour after start of shift

Forklift Inspection

  • Tap Add Forklift Inspection to add another machine to audit

  • Forklift Inspection
  • Which machine are you inspecting

  • Is the overhead guard in good condition, free of cracks, and secure to the lift?

  • Are hydraulic cylinders dry and in good conditions? Hoses in good condition, not leaking, not splitting?

  • Is mast assembly in good condition and secure to the lift?

  • Is load back rest in good condition?

  • Are battery(ies) in good condition, post free of corrosion, water level high enough when applicable

  • Is steering system in good condition, steering is free of excess travel when in use?

  • Are breaks in good condition? Is lift stationary when emergency break is in on position?

  • Do lights work, are they in good working condition?

  • Do horn and alarms work on lift

  • Are seatbelts in good condition, is seatbelt receiver in good condition (sit down lifts only, stand up lifts and scissor lift not applicable)

  • The lift is not leaking, puddles are not present where lift was parked?

  • Is the nameplate legible?

  • Are safety decals legible?

  • Is operations manual present on lift?

  • Is lift in safe enough condition to use?

  • If lift is not in a safe working condition, park it and remove keys, then notify direct supervisor and health and safety immediately.

Verify Inspection

  • Inspector Signature

  • Select date

  • When all inspections are finished make complete then save and export inspection to Health and Safety

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