Forklifts: Daily Pre-Use Inspection


Visual Check

General condition of forklift

Housekeeping of the area - is the floor clear of obstacles?

Check overhead guard / Possible overhead obstructions

Fire extinguisher is present and charged

Fluid levels: oil, fuel, and radiator

Battery: charge, check cables, connections not loose

Wheels and tires: wear, damage and air pressure

Forks / Backrest / Mast / Chains / Rollers: no damage, good working condition

Chain anchor pins

Fluid leaks, no damp spots or drips on ground

Hoses: secure, leaks, worn

Air filter intake: cleanliness

Signage and stickers legible / Capacity plate

Propane tank (if applicable) - secured, connections tight, hose in good condition

Operational Check

Engine: not rough, no noise or leaks

Gauges / Horn: loud and working

Lights: head lights and warning lights

Seatbelt: good working order, damage

Steering: loose, tight

Tilt /Sideshift: loose, sticks, leaks

Brakes: foot, parking

Details on areas for attention

Managers Remarks

Manager Signature
Supervisor Signature