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  • Is the drilling line secured at both ends?

  • Are the blocks lubricated, sheaves free of damage with pins, keepers & bolts in place and secured?

  • Are block sheave depth measurements with tolerances? (Check with sheave gauge)

  • Are block sheave grooves wearing evenly without signs of abnormal side/bottom wear?

  • Are block sheave bearings free of excessive lateral movements?

  • Is hook/latch lubricated, free of damage, pins, keepers, bolts in place and secured?

  • Is swivel lubricated, free of damage & wear, pins, keepers, bolts in place and secured?

  • Are bails/elevator links secured, free of damage, pins, keepers, bolts in place and secured?

  • Is elevator latch, hinge pins in good working condition, retaining bolts in place and secured?


  • Are shackles in good condition, secured, and adequately sized?

  • Are all hand tools, chains, and other equipment accounted for and properly stored and secured?

  • Is BOP scaffolding and/or climbing equipment securely installed, free of damage with no loose items present?

  • Is cellar cover/guard installed and securely mounted?

General Safety

  • Pre-Tour safety meeting held and documented?

  • Post-Tour safety meeting held and documented?

  • Proper FR clothing worn as directed on location? (No rolled up sleeves)

  • Appropriate PPE used at all times on location?

  • Fall protection used when required?

  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) conducted for each job task?

  • Forklift inspected prior to use (daily)?

  • Man lift inspected prior to use (daily)?

  • Hand tools maintained in good working condition?


  • Escape and guy wires flagged and visible on location?

  • Is the general area of location clean?

  • Are smoking areas designated and posted?

  • Is the outhouse clean and sanitary?

  • Are fire extinguishers properly located and available?

  • Are fire extinguishers properly charged and tagged?

  • Is the doghouse clean and orderly?

  • Are the pipe racks in good condition and level?


  • Are all guards, vents, and covers in good condition and installed securely?

  • Are fall protection signs mounted in full view at ladder to area?

  • Is the derrick escape device in good condition, located where readily accessible, cable securely attached to derrick, and cable correct length?

  • Are derrick board and fingers in good condition?

  • Is the derrick in good condition, no damage or corrosion?

  • Is the derrick ladder in good condition, securely mounted, and free of damage?

  • Are jack pads and jack stands in good condition and used properly?

  • Are scoping ram stabilizers in good condition?

  • Is the carrier clean and orderly?

  • Are wheel chocks in place?

  • Is the air hoist secured with guards and safety cables in place with shackle pins secured properly?

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