Waco 931 Safety Audit

  • Auditor:

  • Date:

  • Fall Protection

  • Steps being used to access floor and roof jigs

  • Walking or working under suspended load or moving scaffold

  • Hitch locks

  • Hitch lock in place on homes that can be towed

  • Cones being used when TM under home, or on roof

  • Score

  • PPE

  • Bump caps worn properly (bill facing forward) and not modified

  • Safety glasses or side shields on prescription safety glasses

  • Ear plugs properly worn

  • cut resistant Gloves for tasks handling metal or glass

  • PAPR hoods being worn


  • Cords in good shape with no local repairs

  • Any missing knockouts in electrical boxes

  • Housekeeping

  • Trip hazards

  • Blocked Electrical Panels

Hazard Communication

  • Containers legibly labeled

  • Flammables stored properly in flammable cabinet (limited to one day supply in work area)


  • Seatbelts being worn

  • Fire extinguishers onboard lift trucks and tractors

  • Horns being used when entering/exiting buildings, intersections and blind corners

  • Engine off, brakes set, forks lowered when unattended(25 feet away or out of sight)

  • All PPE being worn in buildings


  • ALL tools without damage and maintained properly

  • Air/Glue Hoses are bulging or leaking

  • Hands outside the handsfree zone

  • Gloves being used while operating saw

  • Guards on all saws in place and functioning

  • Compressed air being used to blow off team members

  • Team members cutting away from body with utility knife

Training and Authorization

  • Saw used by authorized Team Members

  • Hoists used by authorized Team Members

  • Guns used by authorized Team Members

  • Forklifts operated by authorized Team Members

  • Electric pallets jacks used by authorized Team Members

  • Scissor lift used by authorized Team Members

Emergency preparedness

  • Exit doors blocked

  • Fire extinguishers identified

  • Extinguishers accessible

  • Extinguishers adequately charged (needle in the green)

  • Eyewash clean and available within work area

  • Aisleway and walkways free of material and debris

Body Mechanics and Material Handling

  • Team members using proper carrying techniques(not carrying material on head or shoulders)

  • Team Members using carts and other material moving equipment

  • Proper lifting techniques(using legs, back straight, chin up, feet shoulder width apart)

  • Using team lift for material over fifty pounds

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