Operator and Business Details

Licensee Details

Licensee Full Name

Registered Address

Postal Address

Licence Number

Email Address

Preferred method of contact

Food licence contact

Business Details

Business Trading Name

Business Trading Address

Trading Location Phone Number

Food Safety Supervisor's Full Name

Licence Category

Audit Date

Name of Authorised Person

Part A - Compliance Details

General Requirements

A1 - Licence

Has the existing operator been issued a food licence by Council? (S49 act)

A2 - Licence

Is the current licence displayed? (s69 Act)

A3 - Licence Conditions

Is the food business complying with the site specific conditions?

A4 - previous non-compliance

Has the operator complied with all outstanding non-compliances? (s39 Act)

A5 - Design

Does the premise comply with the structural requirements of the Food Safety Standards? (3.2.3)

- Check changes to approved plans

A6 - Food Safety Supervisor

Has the food business notified Council of current Food Safety Supervisors? (s86 Act)

A7 - Food Safety Supervisor

Is the FSS reasonably available? (s87 Act)

A8 - Food Safety Program

If required, does the food business have an accredited FSP? (s99)

A9 - Skills and Knowledge

Detail how the food business ensures employees have appropriate skills and knowledge in food safety and hygiene matters. (3.2.2, CI.3)

Food Handling Controls

A10 - Receival

Detail procedures to ensure food is protected from contamination at receival and that PHF is accepted at the correct temperature. (3.2.2, CI.5, (1))

A11 - Food Storage **CRITICAL COMPLIANCE**

Detail how food is stored so that it is protected from contamination. (3.2.2, CI.6, (1) (a))

- Cold room/Fridge
- Freezer
- Dry Store

A12 - Food Storage **CRITICAL COMPLIANCE**

A13 - Food Processing **CRITICAL COMPLIANCE**

What measures are in place to prevent contamination? (3.2.2, CI.7 (1))

A14 - Food Processing

Are PHF that will not undergo a pathogen control step help outside of temperature control for minimal periods? (3.2.2, CI.7 (2))


What methods are used to thaw food? (3.2.2, CI.7 (2))


What methods are used to cool food? (3.2.2, CI.7 (3))

A17 - Reheating

Are appropriate reheating procedures followed? (3.2.2, CI.7 (4))

A18 - Food Display **CRITICAL COMPLIANCE**

How is food on display protected from contamination? (3.2.2, CI.7 (1)-(4))

A19 - Food Display **CRITICAL COMPLIANCE**

Are PHF stored under correct temperature control? (3.2.2, CI.8 (5))

A20 - Food Packaging

Is food packaged in a manner, and using materials, that protect the food from contamination? (3.2.2, CI.9)

A21 - Food Transportation

Is food transported in a manner that protects it from contamination and under temperature control where appropriate? (3.2.2, CI.10)

A22 - Food for Disposal

What are the arrangements for food requiring disposal? (3.2.2, CI.11)

A23 - Food Recall

If applicable, does the food business comply with the food recall requirements? (3.2.2, CI.12)

A24 - Alternative Methods

Detail any documented alternate compliance methods used: (3.2.2, CI.25)

I.e. Receipt, storage, cooling, reheating, display, transport

Health and Hygiene Requirements

A25 - Contact With Food

How does the business/handler minimise the risk of contamination of food and food contact surfaces? (3.2.2, CI.13)

A26 - Health of Food Handlers **CRITICAL COMPLIANCE**

What actions are taken to ensure staff members do not engage in food handling if they are suffering from a food borne illness? (3.2.2, CI.14 & 16)

A27 - Hygiene

Do food handlers expertise good hygiene practices? (Eg cleanliness of clothing, not eating over surfaces, washing hands correctly & at appropriate times, jewellery) (3.2.2, CI.15)

A28 - Hand Washing Facilities

Does the business have adequate hand washing facilities: (3.2.2, CI.17)

- Soap
- Warm running water
- Single use towel
- Easily accessible

A29 - Duty of Food Business

How does the food business inform food handlers of their obligations and take measures to ensure they do not contaminated food? (3.2.2, CI.18)

Cleaning, Sanitising and Maintenance

A30 - Cleanliness

Are the floors, wall and ceilings maintained in a clean condition? (3.2.2, CI.19)

A31- Cleanliness

Are the fixtures, fittings and equipment maintained in a clean condition? (3.2.2, CI.19)

- Mech. Exhaust Ventilation
- Fridges, Coolrooms, Freezers
- Benches, shelves, cooking equipment

A32 - Cleanliness

Is the premises generally maintained in a clean condition? (3.2.2, CI.19)

A33 - Sanitation **CRITICAL COMPLIANCE**

Has the business provided clean and sanitary equipment including: (3.2.2, CI.20)

- eating and drinking utensils
- food contact surfaces

A34 - Sanitation

How are food contact surfaces or utensils and equipment sanitised? (3.2.2, CI.20)

A35 - Maintenance

Does the business ensure they are not using damaged (cracked/broken) utensils, crockery, cutting boards? (3.2.2, CI.21)

A36 - Maintenance

If the business is responsible for maintaining the grease trap, when was it last serviced? (3.2.2, CI.21)

A37 - Maintenance

Is the premises, fixtures, fittings and equipment maintained in a good state of repair and working order? (3.2.2, CI.21)

- Floors, walls & ceiling
- Fixtures, fittings & equipment
- Mech. Exhaust ventilation


A38 - Thermometer

Does the food business (if handling PHF) have a thermometer appropriate for intended use? (3.2.2, CI.22)

A39 - Thermometer

How is the thermometer sanitised between uses? (3.2.2, CI.22)

A40 - Single Use Items

Are single use items protected from contamination until use and not used more than once? (3.2.2, CI.23)

A41 - Toilet

Are adequate staff toilets provided and in a clean state? (3.2.3, CI.16)

A42 - Animals & Pests **CRITICAL COMPLIANCE**

Is the food business free from animals or vermin? (3.2.2, CI.24)

A43 - Animals & Pests

Are animals and pests prevented from entering or harbouring on the premises? (3.2.2, CI.24)

A44 - Animals & Pests

Is pest control carried out at sufficient intervals (minimum 3 months) to eradicate pests? (3.2.2, CI.24)


Total number of Minor & major non-compliances

Total number of critical non-compliances

Food Safety Rating

A. 0 - non-compliance

B. 1-3 minor non-compliances only

C. 4-5 minor non-compliances only

D. 6+ minor non-compliances only OR
Any 1-2 major non-compliances OR
Any 1 critical non-compliances

E. Any 3+ major non-compliance OR
Any 2+ critical non-compliances

Part B - Good Management Practices

Documented & Maintained Records (all records relevant to business must be kept on site)

B1 - Accredited HACCPPlan or ISO22000:2005 (if YES, do not continue to view other documentation)

B2 - Accredited Food Safety Program ( If YES, do not continue to view other documentation)

B3 - Cleaning Program and Schedule

B4 - Temperature Record - Food Display/Storage

B5 - Transportation Temperature Control

B6 - Products Received Temperature Record

B7 - >50% Food handlers trained in an recognised Training Course

B8 - Staff Training Records (internal and external training)

B9 - Maintenance (structural & equipment) records

B10 - Pest control schedule (by a licensed contractor)

B11 - Waste collection and refuse cleaning record

B12 - Stock rotation schedule

B13 - **** Note: if business does not receive, store, display or process PHF, add 10 bonus points


Section B Total Points Score Rating

14+ Points A
11 - 13 Points B
7 - 10 Points C
Under 7 Points D



The audit findings and outcomes have been explained.

Business Food Representative


Select date
Authorised Officer


Select date

If the licensee does not agree with the rating, the licensee may request a review by written application within five (5) business days of this audit.

Alternatively, the Licensee can request a food safety rating reassessment audit to be conducted before the next primary audit is due. A reassessment audit will be conducted only after a set period has espalier since the last primary audit as indicated below:

- 3 star rating or above can be reassessed after six (6) month period;
- 2 star rating or less can be reassessed after three (3) month period.

Refer to www.frasercoast.qld.gov.au for further information on reviews and reassessments. Fees apply for reviews and reassessments.

Agreement to Display

Agreement to Display Food Safety Rating

Between: Fraser Coast Regional Council


Food Licence Number:

Fraser Coast Regional Council is conducting a food safety star rating scheme for licensed food businesses in accordance with the Food Safety Rating Guide. On a voluntary basis, the scheme allows for the display of information relating to audits of food premises in the form of star ratings.

Under this agreement Council will issue a food safety rating to the Licensee through the allocation of, from not star to five stars in accordance with the criteria specified in the Food Safety Rating Guide. If the Licensee holds a current licence, has no outstanding Licence fees and has been rated no less than three stars, then the Licensee is eligible to voluntarily display its star rating at its premises and on an Eat Safe Fraser Coast website so it is readily visible to customers and potential customers.

The Licensee consents to its star rating being published on Council's website (to the extent that it discloses confidential information) and indemnified Council against any claim as a result. The Licensee may revoke its consent by giving Council 10 business days notice in writing and within that time, Council must withdraw the rating from its website.

The Licensee may remove its star rating from public display, however must immediately notify Council in writing of such removal.

If the Licensee does not hold a current licence, has outstanding licence fees or is rated with less than three stars, then the Licensee must remove the star rating from public display immediately or within 5 business days from receipt of a notice by Council. If the star rating is not removed from public display, an authorised person employed by Council may enter the premises and remove the star rating.

The star rating material will at all times remain the property, including the intellectual property, of Council.

Any variation to this agreement must be agreed to in writing between the Licensee and Council.

I wish to opt in to display the Eat Safe Fraser Coast food safety rating:

Signature of Licensee
Signed for on behalf of Fraser Coast Regional Council

For further information on the Eat Safe Fraser Coast scheme, the Food Safety Rating Guide, and any application forms for review and reassessment and their relevant fees can be found online through www.frasercoast.qld.gov.au


Administration Details
Action Required

No further action required

Audit Report

Prescribed infringement

For improvement notice

Show Cause Notice

Immediate Suspension of licence

Final Result

5 Stars

4 Stars

3 Stars

2 Stars

1 Stars

0 Stars

Office Use Only

Licence details updated

Results entered into database

Outstanding fees?

Amount due:

Fees due date
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