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  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Machine being Audited

Machine Check

  • Machine being checked...

  • Photo of machine

  • Does the machine have a working RT?

  • Is cab certification current (ROPS, FOPS, OPS)?

  • If Machine is a Hauler is the Tower Certification Current ?

  • When is Machine Service Due

  • How many hours has the machine done

  • Is shovel present and not damaged?

  • Is the fire extinguisher present and current? (Tags are valid for 12 months)

  • When does it expire?

  • Is it missing OR when did it expire?

  • Is the first aid kit present and fully stocked?

  • What is required to bring the kit back up to fully stocked again?

  • Is the cab of the machine clean?

  • Operators vison through windows is unconstrained

  • Is the dash free of warning lights?

  • What lights are showing?

  • Are all the hoses OK (no leaks or damage)?

  • Is there evidence that the machine is being greased daily

  • Are the handrails in place and in good condition

  • Has all the relevant paper work relating to the machine been correctly completed? (e.g Hauler - has the faller daily check in + lunch break been recorded) Check that the machine Log Book is being filled out

  • Does the seatbelt work?

  • Are machines lights all in working order

  • Warning stickers in place (4m from Powerlines, OOS/RSI, hearing protection & emergency procedure)

  • Is there any Damage to the Machine


  • Any additional comments.....


  • Auditors name and signature:

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